Monday, July 25, 2016

Imagining a Great Nigeria

Imagine a Nigeria where there is no vandalism of oil and gas infrastructure which means the government can generate more revenue to finance its economic restructuring agenda across the country from the Nigerdelta to the Northeast.

Imagine a Nigeria where the people of the Southsouth constructively engage the government and oil companies on cleaning their environment, embarking on rapid infrastructure and human capacity development of the region.

Imagine a Nigeria where lawyers do not seek to subvert justice by using every trick in and not in the book to prevent corrupt big men from being convicted.

Imagine a Nigeria where there is massive industrialization, economic growth and development, reduced unemployment because the reforms in the power sector are supported by stakeholders with the rights of consumers protected.

Imagine a Nigeria where the health institutions are brought up-to-date in terms of equipment and manpower because the government has no choice than to do so. The economy has improved and the citizens demand the best healthcare because they are better-informed and enlightened to know that qualitative healthcare is a right not a privilege.

Imagine a Nigeria where educational institutions from primary school to university provide the best of education not because those in government are angels but because the economic growth that the country has witnessed means they do not have a choice than to deliver this basic right to the people because they now expect no less.

Imagine a Nigeria where politicians finally realize it is easier to make money legitimately than to steal from the treasury and go to jail.

This is the kind of Nigeria that President Muhammadu Buhari is trying to build but he will not achieve this objective if we Nigerians insist on continuing with our old destructive ways that have led us to the sorry state we now find ourselves.

There are many who think a Buhari failure would be a victory for them, I laugh at their folly. A Buhari failure would only mean their lives will not ultimately get better anytime soon. Some might say they can travel to other countries to live the good life. Well, what about those you would leave behind? Our lives would be richer and better when our brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews all live a comfortable life, not when you and probably your wife and children live a false life of comfort and have to make strangers your extended family in a foreign land.

Let the wise heed good counsel.


  1. Nice one. But good men and women need to stand up and do the right thing not look away or things will keep going wrong

  2. You are definitely right about that.

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