Friday, August 26, 2016

Tech Gadgets: Breaking The "Made In China" Stereotype

A lot of effective, reliable, and cutting-edge tech gadgets come from China. In fact, many of the world's most recognizable names in technology – Sony, Apple, Microsoft to name a few – source components and entire electronic gadgets from China in the first place.

Yet why do the words "Made in China" still elicit hesitation amongst some consumers? Here are the important bits – as well as a few tips to help you better identify reliable China-based partners to work with.

Looking Beyond Headlines

When it comes to the news, the bad and the controversial topics tend to stick to our minds while the good and the laudable tends to pass by unnoticed. The latter is especially true when everything works as intended.

Electronics that blow up, bootleggers that sell obviously copied knockoffs, tech gadgets that fail to work out of the box – these topics make for deliciously controversial headlines that stick to your consciousness. It is rare, however, for Chinese-made gadgets that work properly and are reliable enough to last to make it out of very specific circles. This type of news only interests the knowledgeable tech-enthusiasts, and even then the news often focuses on the technical aspects of the latest gadgets.

This is why it is very easy to overlook news of quality and reliable tech gadgets made in China, especially when said news items are overshadowed by horror stories that have much higher shock value than gadgets working as expected.

Dodgy VS Reliable Marketplaces

Another important factor that can make or break the "Made in China" perception is the actual venue for purchases and exchanges.

It is one thing to purchase cool gadgets from some unknown vendor on your local auction house, and quite another to buy direct from retailers that have been around for more than a decade. Auction sites that let anyone sell whatever they want offer a lot of freedom, true, but these same auction sites make it very easy for crooks, frauds, and bootleggers to unload their wares.

Legitimate resellers, on the other hand, need a lot of trust to build their reputations from the ground-up. These are the vendors selling tech gadgets for years on end, and understand that building trust is the key to bringing in profits in the long run. It is for this reason that legitimate Chinese vendors stick to reliable marketplaces to market their goods – oftentimes creating their own ecommerce portals to do so.

Support And Protection

And last but not the least, the level of support a China-based company provides is a strong indicator of its dedication to high-quality tech gadgets.

Shady sellers often know little about what they're selling. Their only goal is to unload their products as fast as possible, meaning they often focus on imagery and strong language to get your attention. These sellers, however, spend little money on customer support. They avoid live communications like the plague, and will almost always be unable to answer specific questions about specifications and licenses. Some may even flat-out lie in an attempt to sound confident about their products.

On the other hand, reliable Chinese companies invest heavily in customer support. Not only can you communicate live with someone on the other end, but the customer support agents you talk to know about the products they're selling. They are also quite knowledgeable about the extent of warranties and return-policies – outlining the limitations instead of simply saying whatever can be said to win you over.

Keep all these in mind, and you'll have a much easier time understanding that the "Made in China" label is only just that – a label – and that the quality of your chosen tech gadgets depends entirely on the manufacturer and seller!

Chinavasion is a Hong Kong-based gadget wholesaler sourcing its tech gadgets straight from Shenzhen, the manufacturing heart of China. Retailers and consumers alike will be able to avail of a wide array of high-tech gizmos, from mini projectors and CCTV systems to Android smartphones and Windows PC sticks.


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