Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Learn About the Hidden Value in Long Tail Keywords for Website Traffic

Every serious website owner or manager understands the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to their platform. The problem though is that many keywords are difficult to rank for. However, with the use of long tail keywords which reflect how majority of people use search engines, there is a better chance of ranking higher in search results and thereby gaining more traffic to your site or blog.

For example instead of using keywords like 'traffic' 'web traffic' or 'drive traffic' for a post you have written on driving traffic to a website, you could use this long tail keyword: 'How do I drive traffic to my site'. It is easier to rank for the latter keyword than the former short keywords.

Learn more via this infograhic:


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  6. Should you occasionally take a look at what your clients are Talking about on social media, you can have a better understanding of what they care about most. For instance, through social listening, then you can find out what your customers greatest concerns and challenges are and then work to create more content about these topics. You can also use social listening to find out what client sare saying about your brand specifically, and then use this information to make modifications to improve customer satisfaction

  7. Does the FTC Actually Monitor Influencer Marketing?

    It's easy to think that the FTC focuses on big-money Advertisements like hundreds of million dollar commercials and product
    positioning on shows. In realitythey really track social websites as attentively.

    While certain, it's possible for some people to get off with Sneaking a few things past them due to the sheer volume of articles
    on societal platforms, you should never attempt to. It is a massive threat, and FTC regulations are in place because of this.

    (Image source: #paid)

    If moral code is not enough for you, Remember that the FTC is increasing its attention on social media.

    Last year, they really ran campaigns designed to inform Large influencers and entrepreneurs about the guidelines they have set in
    place for influencer marketing, sending out letters to a significant number of people in both categories.

    They even sent followup warning letters to 21 Influencers who didn't heed the warnings to remind them , yep, they're serious, and
    they are watching.

    Influencer Marketing Rules From the FTC

    Influencer marketing guidelines need to be followed on all platforms. This includes email advertising campaigns, blog articles,
    and, needless to say, social media.

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  9. Here are a few things you should be looking at when you’re deciding on which influencers to tap for your TikTok campaign:

    Relevance of their content with your goals and brand. Do they create content directly or indirectly related to topics in your industry or niche? How much do they know about competing brands and trends in your industry? Are they thought leaders?
    Activity and content on other platforms. Some of the most effective influencers use multiple platforms, so look out for those who have a presence on more than one. For promising up-and-comers, consider encouraging them to start a blog and actually create a funnel that converts for your brand instead of relying on TikTok. In the end, just because something trends doesn’t mean it will sell, as ROI of virality on TikTok isn’t always guaranteed.

    Who their followers are. You’ll need to check if your target audience engages with the influencers you select for your campaign. The entire point of influencer marketing is to make sure you reach your audience through a trusted individual in your niche.
    Engagement rates. How consistent are engagement rates for the different types of content they put out? Influencers with more consistent engagement figures tend to have more trust established with their audience, whereas the opposite is true for influencers that only get high engagement rates for hyper-specific content.Buy Tiktok Likes UK

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