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How to Download and Use Telegram with WhatsApp on a Smartphone with Limited Space

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Instant messaging is critical to us in the information age and whether it is to promote our business, efficiency or establish and maintain personal relationships, platforms that allow us communicate are vitally important to us.

WhatsApp is the undisputed champion in this area with over 1.5 billion active users in 180 countries according to Statista. One could be easily forgiven for not wanting to bother about another messaging app as many of us also have Messenger from Facebook which you can also access albeit in a limited version on the Facebook website.

Telegram is a messaging app that is similar to WhatsApp but at the same time quite different in ways that make it very attractive to have on your phone as a second or third messaging app. Currently estimated to have over 350 million users globally (Statista), some of its more interesting features you might be interested in are:

1. Bots

These are programs that used to automate certain repetitive tasks that people might find tiring like welcoming every new member to your group with a customized message, setting reminders that help you make regularly updates to schedule, answering faqs and other activities too numerous to mention. Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, the presence of bots is a really nice feature of Telegram.

2. Secrecy and Privacy

One of the early selling points of Telegram its end-to-end encryption and the ability to have secret chats and even schedule messages to get auto-deleted after a while. This is a nice feature that allows you avoid certain complications that can arise from security and privacy issues.

3. Ability to Edit Sent Messages

You can edit the messages you have already sent on Telegram. If you feel frustrated that you have error-filled messages that you do not want to delete on WhatsApp, you might value this Telegram feature.

4. Groups and Super Groups on Telegram

You can create groups or super groups reaching up to 200,000 members, appoint Admins, have binned messages, use bots in the groups and so on. It is a really attractive feature of the app.

5. @Username Multiple and Profile Pictures 

There is the opportunity to select a @username just like Twitter, which is handy for branding and there is also the option to select multiple profile pictures which might be great for creating memorable first impressions with other people online.

6. Channels

Similar to the same concept on BBM, Channels allows people to connect with a brand, cause, organization or celebrity without having to be added to the group or chat with multiple people you are not interested in relating with. Stay updated without having to engage with other parties.

7. Live Location Sharing

If you do not mind being easily tracked, you can share your location on Telegram, this can also be useful if you are going to a place that you are not too sure of. A trusted person can check to see that you are not removed from that location without your will.

8. Share Files up to 1.5gb in Size

This is like super cool, right? Chat and share those large files with ease. Definitely something to get excited about.

9. Works on Computers and Phones Seamlessly

Telegram is not just a phone app, it works on other devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and so on and your chat is easily accessed on any platform you choose.

10. Easily Switch Accounts

You can easily switch user accounts on Telegram on your Android phone. For now, you can switch in-between 3 user accounts all linked to different phone numbers. A nice feature to meet work and professional needs for example.

There are so many wonderful feature of Telegram that I might not be able to totally cover here but you can learn more here.

Now, many people already know about Telegram but have phones that struggle to maintain WhatsApp, not to mention another major chat app like Telegram.

No problems, I have a few tips that should help you achieve this objective in a short while.

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Limited space is an issue for many smartphone users

How to Use Telegram and WhatsApp on a Smartphone with Limited Space

1. Go to your photo gallery, carefully check the pictures for duplicates and unnecessary memes and videos. Delete at least 100 of those.

2. Go to Google Play Store

3. Download the Google Files app, It's super light, your phone should take it.

4. Run Google Files to see which pictures, videos and files you can delete on your phone but would be saved by Google Files for you in the cloud.

5. Free space in your phone as is feasible

6. Go back to play store.

7. Download Telegram and run it. It should work now.

This did not work?

Try to get the Telegram APK files via Google search from a safe platform, download and install.

Let me know what you think about both Telegram and WhatsApp by dropping a comment.


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