Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 10 Affiliate Networks on the Internet

Affiliate marketing is very big on the internet, people including myself then to ask which are the best affiliate programmes? Next up is my attempt at answering this question in no particular order:

1. LinkShare
Rakuten LinkShare is a leading provider of full-service online marketing solutions specializing in the areas of Affiliate Marketing, Search Marketing, and Lead Generation. As the online marketing industry continues to evolve at a fast pace, advertisers, publishers and agencies are turning to Rakuten LinkShare for technology innovation, superior service and most importantly - RESULTS!

2. Commission Junction
The year is 1998. Boy bands top albums charts. Y2K is only a year away, and five students from the University of California Santa Barbara establish Commission Junction®, what is now the number one affiliate marketing provider in the world.

3. ShareAsale There are currently over 2,500 Merchants plugged in to the ShareASale Network. Each of these merchants has a different type of product that they are selling - and each is ready to commission you on that sale if you bring a customer to them.

The idea - and the implementation - are simple. You decide which merchants to promote and how to promote them, and when commissions are generated, you can see your stats in real-time. All payments are consolidated from the programs you participate in, and are paid with one check or direct deposit by ShareASale.

ShareASale has a strict "No Software" policy which means you will not have to deal with affiliates utilizing Adware, Toolbars, or other desktop software.

4. Amazon Associates
Choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers. Whether you are a large network, content site or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your web site.

5. Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network is a free program that makes it easy for website publishers to connect with quality advertisers and get rewarded for driving conversions.
  • Discover high-performing advertisers
  • Save time with a speedy and intuitive interface
  • Track conversions and access real-time reporting
  • Enjoy local payments via your AdSense account
  • VIP and Rising Star status for top publishers 
6. ClixGalore
Affiliates, turn your valuable web site traffic into money now by joining Affiliate programs and driving customers to the many thousands of Merchants using the clixGalore Affiliate Marketing network to advertise their business. Start earning commission now for the sales you generate for our Merchants. You may promote our Merchants using both text or graphic advertisements, including the many professional marketing tools we provide to you. Alternatively using the 'Instant web site Builder' tool, located in your clixGalore Member Home area, you can easily and instantly generate promotional web pages containing our Merchant's products. You may use these professional styled pages to promote our Merchant's products and earn commission for the sales generated. Signup free now and join the many other tens of thousands of Affiliates who earn commission from their valuable web site traffic.

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing and what to learn how to join and make money with affiliate programs you may wish to visit our affiliate marketing tutorial web site. 

7. PeerFly
PeerFly is a one-of-a-kind cost-per-action based affiliate ad network. Unlike other affiliate networks, our system is custom built from the ground up so we don't depend on unreliable hosted mechanics. We're currently accepting publishers from all countries, in all verticals. If you're here as a publisher, affiliate, blogger, marketer and want to apply with the best affiliate network on the planet, continue below! If you have a product or service and you're looking to work with as an advertiser, please see Advertisers.

8. ClickBank
ClickBank is the Internet's leading retailer of digital products. Whether you're looking to sell, promote, or shop for digital goods, ClickBank is for you.

9. MaxBounty
Since 2004, more than 14,000 affiliates have depended on MaxBounty for revenue from CPA advertising. We are renowned for weekly payments that are never late, available in multiple currencies and through multiple methods. Our customer service from dedicated affiliate managers is also second-to-none.
Whether your form of advertising is done by PPC search, social network, contextual or email marketing, you've found a reliable partner with MaxBounty.

10. NeverBlue
Run your campaign across the world’s largest CPA footprint. Neverblue scale and experience drive millions of new customers across 17 verticals.

There you have it folks! My Top 10 Affiliate Networks on the Internet. If you know of other great affiliate networks or programmes not listed, let me know by making a comment about it.


  1. A2W is one
    see more here:

  2. Thank you for this info...appreciate!
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    1. You are welcome Linkon, I am glad you found the information useful.

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