Monday, January 6, 2020

Are You Chasing Away Your Customers?

Most businesses are opened with the objective of meeting customers' needs profitably. Every time a business fails to address a customer's need, it is not fulfilling the purpose for which it was created.
I have in the past written about poor customer service experiences and I am going to share one I had this morning. Sometimes, I get breakfast on the way to work and this morning was no different. I had gotten my food at Sabo, Yaba and wanted the new Lipton drink to accompany it. I have a serious issue with getting sleepy at work and it helps me remain alert.
So, there's this lady probably in her 60s selling cold drinks at the junction. I go there meet a few people waiting as the seller wasn't there, after about 30 seconds she showed up and I asked for Lipton Peach. Her response was in Yoruba: "ko si Lipton Peach, nibo leti ri?" (there is no Lipton Peach, where have you seen it sold?) Essentially, she was telling me I was stupid for asking for something that wasn't in the market in her opinion. I touched the lemon variant of Lipton she had, it felt dusty, wasn't cold.
I simply moved on to the Total Petrol station at Alagomeji close to my office. Got there and found the Lipton Peach that the roadside seller insisted wasn't in the market and insulted me for. I bought my drink and left.
Now, for me as an entrepreneur, business consultant and coach. There are several issues here.
The first is that the roadside seller exclusively with her attitude and words, chased away a possible repeat customer. Now, unless you really don't understand what business is, this is a fundamental flaw that might inhibit the growth and progress of her business. Is she making money? Yes. Is she running the business properly? No. I am sure I won't be the last customer she maltreats today. It adds up in the end.
Secondly, it is true that the peach variant of the new Lipton drink is harder to find than the lemon variant. Nonetheless, she shouldn't have made the comments she made. A simple, "I don't have Peach, please buy Lemon, it is also good" would have won me over despite it not being cold and being dusty, it is harmattan, I would have probably accepted it and rinsed the bottle before drinking it. After all, I no be ajebo (I think?).
Sometimes, people complain about their business failing but they don't know that they are the architects of their own failure. You might say that you have good customer service as a business owner, but, have you checked how your staff treat customers? Is it at par with or better than yours? Or, is it worse? Often, customers might not have contact with the polite and courteous business owner, they relate with the rude and impatient staff. Where the business owner is the rude one, we can begin to write the obituary of the business, no need for postmortem as well. Just accept that poor attitude and customer service killed the business in all likelihood.
You cannot afford to be arrogant with customers as an entrepreneur -- without them you don't have a business. I hope you find my story not too boring and will take time to review your customer service culture in your organisation. I am doing the same for our business.
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Thursday, January 2, 2020

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Get Comprehensive TRCN Latest Past Questions & Answers at Reduced Price

Be a Professional Teacher

The Teachers Registration Council's Professional Qualifying Examination is a requirement for becoming a licensed qualified professional teacher in Nigeria.

It is now required to teach in Nigeria's primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions.

The examination is quite rigorous and comes in multiple choice (objective) questions. Hence, it is very easy to either pass or fail depending on the level of knowledge you have.

The best way to increase your chances of passing at first attempt is to have past questions to practice with. This is exactly what we are offering you. It is possible that you might have come across people claiming to have the past questions but check if they have up to 400 questions. We are giving you 600 Past questions with answers in PDF when you pay. The more you practice and research with our question and answer pack. The more you know and the better you can perform in this examination.

Remember, to get any decent teaching job now in Nigeria not those akin to modern slavery, you need the past questions which you had better guard jealously. Most people we have read online are selling past questions that are not up to 400 questions for N2,000.

We believe in investing in those that choose to invest in themselves. As such, we are selling the PDF questions and answers for just N1,500 with bonus questions and answers that you can test yourself with at the end.

To get the past questions, just follow this easy steps:


Pay N1,500 to GTB Account 0012515449 and ensure that your payment didn't bounce back.


Pay online using Paystack by clicking here

Thereafter, please call 08079727777 via phone call or SMS with your email address to receive your copy in your inbox.

It is that simple.

You might be doubting, but this TRCN Past Q & A pack can ease study for you because you learn directly from the exam questions being answered and you get tips for general reading as well. Unless, you are a very carefree person, your performance in the exam as to improve with this package. It is now up to you to act.

All You Need to Know About Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)


The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is the regulatory body for teachers in Nigeria just like we similar bodies for lawyers, doctors, pharmacists and accountants. It was established through Decree 31 of 1993 (Now TRCN Act CAP T3 of 2004) and has the motto: “Teaching for Excellence”. 

Its vision is:

To control and regulate teacher education, training and practice at all levels and sectors of the Nigerian education system in order to match teacher quality, discipline, professionalism, reward and dignity with international standards.

While its mission is:

To promote excellence in education through effective registration and licensing of teachers; and to promote professionalism through accreditation, monitoring and supervision of teacher training programmes, mandatory continuing professional development and maintenance of discipline among teachers at all levels of the education system.

Get Comprehensive TRCN Latest Past Questions & Answers at Reduced Price

The responsibilities of TRCN according to section 1(1) of its establishment act are:
i.                 i. Determining who are teachers for the purpose of this Act.ii. Determining what standards of knowledge and skills are to be attained by persons seeking to become registered as teachers under this Act and raising those standards from time to time as circumstances may permit.
iii.        iii. Securing in accordance with the provisions of this Act the establishment and maintenance of a register of teachers and the publication from time to time of the lists of those persons.
iv.            iv. Regulating and controlling the teaching profession in all its aspects and ramifications.

As you can probable see by now, TRCN has wide ranging powers to regulate teaching in Nigeria and it does this through its programmes, which are:
·  Registration and licensing of qualified teachers.
·  Accreditation, monitoring and supervision of the courses and programmes of teacher training institutions in Nigeria to ensure that they meet national and international standards. The institutions include the Colleges of Education, Faculties and Institutes of Education in Nigerian universities, Schools of Education in the Polytechnics, and the National Teachers Institute.
·    Organisation of Internship Schemes and induction programmes for fresh Education graduates to equip them with the necessary professional skills before licensing them for full professional practice.

· Conduct of professional examinations and interviews to determine teachers that are suitable for registration.

· Establishment of national minimum standards for and execution of Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) to guarantee that teachers keep abreast of developments in the theory and practice of the profession.

· Organisation of Annual Conference of Registered Teachers (which is the first of its kind in Nigeria) intended to unite all teachers irrespective of social class or the level of education system to which they belong.

· Publication of a register of qualified and licensed teachers in Nigeria in hard copies and available through the World Wide Web.

·  Enforcement of professional ethics among teachers using the Teachers Investigating Panel (TIP) and the Teachers Tribunal.

 ·  Prosecution in the law court of unqualified persons performing the job of teachers in contravention of the TRCN Act section 17(2).
·   Acting as the voice of the voiceless teachers and continuously initiating/driving public policies and practices that could reposition the teaching profession in Nigeria as first among equals.

The TRCN organizes the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) and different teachers with different qualifications have different registration and annual fees as seen below:

The category and cost are based on an individual’s qualification:
PhD + Educ.
Masters + Educ.
Bachelors/HND + Educ.

All-in-all the TRCN and professionalism for Nigerian teachers is here to stay. If you are a teacher or intend to be one, you have to be prepared to be certified and licensed by the TRCN if you are not to be regarded as a quack and sanctioned. Professionalism as a teacher is the keyword here.


Teachers seeking to enroll for the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), are to complete the registration forms obtainable from State offices nationwide. Completed registration forms must be returned with evidence of payment of examination fees payable according to categories thus;
Category ‘A’ (Ph.D holders in Education or with Education qualification) 
Category ‘B’ (Masters in Education or Masters in other fields with Education qualification) 
Category ‘C’ (Degree in Education or Degree in other fields with Education qualification) 
Category ‘D’ (NCE 
Note: (i) That the exam fee does not cover cost for Registration. Candidate who passed the examination will still pay registration fee for eventual registration as professional teachers.
(ii) On the remitta portal candidate are to click on “PQE application fee”

To get in touch with TRCN, click here

Friday, July 26, 2019

Tips to Optimize Human Relations at Work

Today, there is no doubt that the success of any business comes through its employees and teamwork. The literature on the mobilization and development of human capital is exhaustive.

The nodal point behind all this is that any individual in a company, regardless of position, function or level of management, must maintain human relationships at work and that these relationships define his experience as well as his performance. professional. The success of any business depends on success in a team, and a team is a group of individuals in relation to each other.

So, how do we get the most out of our relationships at work? Here are some tips to follow! Zoetalentsolutions.

Role of managers in human relations at work?

Understand oneself, to better understand one's dynamics with the other

Every human being looks and analyzes the world and others with his own glasses, according to his perception of the world. The reality perceived by every individual is his own and there will always be a difference between his own, that of another, and reality. There are as many perceptions of the same reality as there are individuals!

In order to better understand one's relationships with others, it is essential to start with self-awareness, to understand how we influence our human relationships with others, our respective responsibilities in the dynamics of our human relationships.

The avenues are vast to get to know each other better, and it is sometimes the work of a lifetime. A good start would be to better understand one's own personality using a psychometric test to detect our natural behaviors, which will come to the surface in everyday situations at work.

Understand the other through active listening

In every human dynamic, there is the "self", but there is also the other and his perception of reality. Active listening is a good tool for understanding the other person as well as their perception of reality. Forget emails and spend quality time with your employees!\

Here are some tips for developing active listening:

1. Exclude one's own preconceptions and any attempt at personal interpretation.
2. To be available and let others express themselves without interrupting.
3. Ask open questions and encourage the other to clarify his thoughts.
4. Taming silences (we can never say enough!).
5. Be attentive to your own non-verbal language and that of the other.
6. Rephrase the words of the other with his own words.
7. Show empathy and kindness.

Manage conflicts optimally

Any manager wishing to improve human relations at work must be concerned about managing conflicts optimally. The literature on the subject is exhaustive!

That being said, at the root of all conflict is a relationship between two people, two perceptions of the same reality, and in order to understand the dynamics, it is important to understand the vision of each of the parties.

Active listening to both parties is an excellent starting point and there are also several ways to better understand the dynamics between two people. Assessing the level of professional complementarity is an excellent way to better understand the dynamics between two people.

Accept, respect and promote diversity

Understanding the other is essential, but then comes acceptance of the other in its diversity. The manager who is able to embrace, respect, and promote diversity will gain greater productivity and competitive advantage for their business.

Wanting to surround ourselves with people who are like us is a natural protective reflex, but opening up to the difference is a wonderful opportunity to learn, to grow and for the benefit of all.

Develop vulnerability and managerial courage

"Vulnerability has a taste for truth and the smell of courage."

Having the courage to be vulnerable as a manager, the courage to be yourself is the cornerstone of inspiring leadership . The time of the manager who knows everything, who has the answer to everything and nothing can shake and a thing of the past.

We are all inspired by genuine people, having the courage to admit their vulnerability, to ask for help, to tell the real things, to tackle problems head on, to build on the strengths of each and everyone, to mobilize others to get involved without fear of being wrong or making mistakes.

To have managerial courage is to say the real things, at the right time and to the right person and to get there, it is more often than not necessary to accept one's own vulnerability.

The following video from Brené Brown on the vulnerability should please you!
Instilling pleasure in human relations at work

Success comes from teamwork and there are few great successes without pleasure and enthusiasm. With that, make room for pleasure, cultivate it in your teams and you will reap the benefits exponentially.

Nobody wants to go beyond without being pleasant! Do you know people who excel at something that does not please them?

Role of the organization in human relations at work

Have a clear vision and share it
For individuals to work together to achieve common goals in business, they need to know where they are going. If vision is blurred, so will the effort.

Share your vision, but also make your employees an integral part of this vision, its development and its application.

If your employees are important, then listen to them!

Have values ​​that reflect the importance of human relationships at work
If you as an employer value teamwork, then make sure that is what is valued in performance evaluation . How many companies evaluate individual performance while forgetting team performance?

The pleasure is important? So, value it! Human relations at work and teamwork are important? So, promote team mobilization activities.  Are your employees important? Find ways to tell them that they are important and invest in their development!
Promoting human relations at work is important, but we must not forget that employees also have out-of-work relationships that are just as important to them.
The majority of your employees need to balance their professional and personal lives to balance work and family. Do not forget, cultivate flexibility and consider your actions.

3. Allow managers the flexibility to manage the needs of employees
If human relations are valued in the company, then it is essential to give managers the flexibility to manage the different needs of their employees.
Some companies have created procedures for all possible eventualities in the management of human relations at work. Nevertheless, we are all unique and our relationships with others are also unique. Your organization must therefore provide the necessary tools and training for managers while allowing them the freedom to manage this diversity and to exercise judgment ... a rule and a way of doing things can not apply to everyone.

In the end, there is a variety of tools and ways to make the most of human relationships at work! It is important to remember that every human relationship is imbued with our subjective perception of reality, but also with the subjective perception of the other. Basically, we are essentially people in relation to other people: it is therefore essential to know ourselves better to better understand how we influence our human relationships at work with others, to understand each other and to understand the dynamics that unite us to improve collaboration in a constructive way.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Is it Business as Usual for Facebook?

As social media sites go, Facebook is no spring chicken. Founded way back in 2004, the site is now entering its teens. It’s still the most popular social media site with  2.38 billion monthlyactive users.

Facebook Has Had Growing Pains

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. Several scandals have rocked the site over the last few years. That there are serious privacy concerns is clear. Mark Zuckerberg, at the helm of the company, admits that.

In his defence, though, he also states that no one could have foreseen such complications when the site was first envisaged. That it has exceeded the founder’s wildest expectations is clear.

There’s also been infighting between the co-founders, Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Hughes. Hughes recently called for the company to be broken up. He feels that Zuckerberg currently exerts too much control.

He believes that the company has strayed far from the intent with which it was created and focuses too much on earnings. Other critics paint an even bleaker picture. Some believe that Facebook is stifling the industry, and that it buys its competitors out rather than innovating.

Overall, critics believe that Facebook is creating something of a monopoly in the social media sphere. It’s difficult for competitors to compete with them directly as a result.

Are Changes on the Horizon?

Change is inevitable. Whether it’s going to be possible to unbundle the company or not is something that is open to debate. Where would you even start?

The fact that the company is such a dominant field in the area could be a way for the federal government to intervene. It could arguably file a suit forcing the company to break off into smaller divisions. It’s not something that is done often, but it might become necessary.

Facebook, it seems, is not interested in splitting up. The company has argued that better internet regulation is a far better way forward.

What is clear, though, is that Facebook does have to take a firmer stance when it comes to privacy issues. The company has weathered the fallout from the privacy scandals over the last years, but the public is becoming a lot less forgiving of them.

Is the Site Still Relevant?

The site does have something of an image of being a golden oldie. The younger generations are moving to more visual sites like Instagram. They tend to see Facebook more as a site for their parents and grandparents.

So whether it’s any good for your business or not will depend on who your target market is. Instagram has become extremely popular with marketers, and is a site that has shown exceptional growth over the last few years.

Many businesses are opting to run pages on both platforms. And, perhaps that’s a good way to go here. After all, both sites are popular, and both are very different. Facebook might not be as hip and happening as Instagram, but it still has a lot of value to offer.

Final Notes

Will Facebook charge on into the future? If Zuckerberg and his team have anything to say about it, most definitely. Facebook is not likely to be its generation’s My Space.

What will be interesting to see, though, is what form it will evolve into. Privacy concerns mean that it can’t simply carry on as it has been. What effect the changes will take remains to be seen. 

Click here to learn more about Facebook.
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