Saturday, November 28, 2020

Register on Payoneer to Expand Your Income Generation Prospects Online

Payoneer is a great way to make and receive payments online 

Are you looking to get paid for your products and services across the world and even locally in Nigeria? You might want to consider the international payment platform called Payoneer. Payoneer has been around for a while and has been facilitating transactions since 2005 when it is founded. The company provides services in over 200 countries and territories with over 4 million customers using it. The following companies are some of the international brands that use it as part of their means of payment.

Some Companies that Use Payoneer for Payment

1.  Airbnb

2. Amazon

3. Google

4. Upwork

5.  Rakuten

6. Walmart


8.  Fiverr

9. Envato

10. Clickbank.

This list is not exhaustive and there are several other companies that use payoneer to make payments. 

I am sure you are wondering how do you get your cash in your pocket after getting paid through payoneer? 

Let's dive into it;

How to Get Your Money from Payoneer

1. Withdraw through Payoneer Mastercard Debit Card

Payoneer allows its users to apply for a debit card from Mastercard that you can transfer your earnings to. This will work in Mastecard enabled ATMs for withdrawal for you to get your money, charges apply though.

2. Transfer to Your Local Bank Account

You have the option to transfer your funds to your local bank account in your local currency and charges as well as exchange rates variations may apply. 

Alternatively, you also have the option of making payments for products and services online through payoneer. 


While it is through that there are many means to send and receive payments online, it is a good idea to add Payoneer to your online transactions mix as it gives advantages like flexibility, security and ease of payment that is not easy to match. 

If you are interested, you can started by clicking here

Saturday, October 10, 2020

What a Google Doodle is and how to Understand what each one Celebrates

A Google doodle is an artistic rendering of its logo on the search engine. Google uses it to celebrate different things including historical figures like Anton Wilhelm Amo, celebrated today, events like the Olympics, countries on their national day like Nigeria was celebrated on October 1 and holidays that run through the year in different parts of the world.

Many people get confused when they see a doodle, "has Google changed its logo?", they often ask. This is not the case, it is just an artistic way of celebrating people, places and things Google deems important.

You can always click on the doodle to learn more about it.

But if you want a more dedicated platform to learn more about doodles, click here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Rollascriptings Invites You to Join its #OneAppADay Training


Competing with people in the job market can be tough. However, having a convincing Portfolio can easily pave way for you, giving you a upper hand wherever you find yourself. By using the One App A Day series, this can be easy for you. Also, the IT Industry is really booming so it is important for you to take a close look at it no matter what field you are in.

#OneAppADay Series is a platform designed for newbies and pro in coding where they are encouraged to at least build an app a day so they can be conversant with coding lines and terms.

Coding can be a bit tricky if you do not do it everyday so the platform is meant to help you grow in the Tech field.

There are several Applications (i.e. software programs that are designed to perform a specific function directly for the users or, in some cases, for another application program) you can build in a day and not necessarily mean Android and iOS Apps. You can build an HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress and other several technologies in a day, sometimes under an hour or two.

For a beginner, you can start with HTML, CSS or JavaScript Apps depending on how interested you are in it.

This is an opportunity to have your resume as an online Portfolio, add Apps built by you in it and then start applying for jobs after 30-days. Unbelievable?

Benefits – One App Per Day



You will build 6 Apps in Total in the 30-Days Training, the remaining 24 days shall be thorough drilling on how these Apps are built so you can defend them anywhere. The technologies we are going to be using are HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress. The final being building a WordPress, a Blog and a Store.

  1. Free hosting for 2 months
  2. Free 6 Apps (with all the codes explained line by line) example is making a login form with animation in HTML and CSS
  3. Building your personal Portfolio
  4. Building your eCommerce website
  5. Applying for jobs at the end of the training. We shall be posting job keywords in the server during the training, for you to apply.


This will be sent to participants

Terms and Conditions: You are expected to purchase a domain name from us before the program starts (e.g. or your country’s extension), this is what will power your portfolio and what you will show your employers, also this is where you will store all the works done by you during the course; previous domain names owned by you will not be allowed. Please click here to purchase the domain of your choice. International students can pay the Dollar equivalent.

You will be given tasks that will help boost your portfolio which are VERY IMPORTANT for you to do

Closing: Training officially close at the end of the 30th Day.


  • The premium version consists of everything in the free training
  • Free 6-months hosting
  • Adding a payment gateway to your store
  • Sending numerous keywords for job search
  • 15 Apps in the 30-Days Training (can be extended for extra 2-week). Training is a thorough drill.
  • Certificate of Completion

Pricing: Training price is 30,000NGN only. International students can pay the Dollar equivalent. Please click here to make payment.

For more information, please contact us.

Who can join? Anyone can join; all codes are explained line by line.

Start Date: Every Monday of the Week for 30-Days (Per Batch)

Theme: CODE AN APP A DAY SERIES                      

Venue: Discord App

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Founders Institute (Lagos Chapter) is Recruiting a Portfolio Analyst

If you are passionate about startups, technology, and venture investments, this is might be the right job for you.

A. About Founder Institute

We are the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator, headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. We are well connected in the global ecosystem with physical presence in over 190 cities worldwide.

B. About FI Lagos Chapter

We are a small entrepreneurial team with a fierce execution culture, and an ambition to constantly create global businesses with scalable products and significant repeatable revenues, out of Nigeria. We have a “no excuses” culture which is based on hardwork, humility, constant communication, and good character. Everything that we do is inspired by these values. 

C. The opportunity: FI Lagos Chapter – Portfolio Analyst

You will play an active role in monitoring and supporting portfolio companies as they scale their finance and operations to attract investors.

How to Apply

Send your application to

Email Subject: FI Lagos Chapter – Portfolio Analyst

Application closes September 30, 2020.

Do share with people you know might be interested.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Call for Business Proposals from Entrepreneurs by Sow Wright

Sow Wright is an ethical crowdfunding investment platform guided by Islamic tenets. As part of the process of achieving our objective of bridging the gap between competent entrepreneurs and investors, we are calling for proposals from capable or aspiring entrepreneurs. 


-Ensure that the business you are pitching is within the boundaries of what is legal.

-Prepare a DETAILED business plan with FINANCIALS and ASSUMPTIONS clearly stated.

- Give a profile of the management team of the business and why they/you are uniquely qualified to run it successfully In Shaa Allah. 

Submission of Proposals

Send all relevant information and documents in PDF format with a cover email introducing your business to:

Our team will review and might invite you for more discussions and clarifications. 

A simple principle that can aid your success in this process is to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE.

We look forward to probably doing business with you.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Islamic Investment Organization is Recruiting in Ibadan

Sow Wright is a reputable Islamic Investment outfit with activities structured for both online and specifically for coverage within Ibadan and its environs.

Sow Wright wishes to employ:

1) An Administrative Officer:

Minimum Qualification (HND in any discipline, preferably agriculture or its allied fields)

2) Product Development Manager:

Minimum Qualification (HND in any discipline, preferable with accounting or business management sciences)


▪️Must be resident in Ibadan, preferably around University of Ibadan or its close neighborhood

▪️Verifiable field experience

▪️Ability to work unsupervised

▪️Diligent, Foresighted, Assertive and Resilient

Application should be submitted to: with the Title- STAFF RECRUITMENT

Application close on 13th August, 2020.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

See the List of Lagos State Registration Centers for Unemployed Graduates

The Lagos State Government through the Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment has established registration centers for unemployed and underemployed graduates. This ostensibly is to help with job placement, it makes sense for anybody looking for a job to give this programme a try.

Here is how to register:

Visit any of these registration centers from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from 8am-4pm. 







Epe Local Government Secretariat, Ita Marun

Balogun A.M.(Mr.)
08082032388, 07039463442



Etiosa Local Government Secretariat, Igbo Efon, Lekki

Biodun-Alagbe Bimpe (Mrs.)



Ikorodu Local Government Secretariat, Opposite General Hospital, Ikorodu

Oresanya A.A. (Mr.)



Ojo Local Government Secretariat, Olojo Drive, Ojo

Ogunbayode R. (Mrs.)
07088722191, 081987148406



Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Secretariat,  Oyetayo Street, Bolade, Oshodi, Lagos

Hamed Wasiu (Mr.)

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