Thursday, June 25, 2020

Vacancies for Experienced Professionals in Lagos and Ogub States

JarusHub has the brief to recruit the following professionals for our clients.

1. Estate Surveyor and Valuer (NIESV Member), Lagos

2. Chartered Accountant (ICAN/ACCA), Lagos

3. Junior Accountant (Osun State)

4. Personal Assistant (Lagos & Osun)

5. Marketing Manager, Lagos

A minimum of 3 years' experience is required for each role.

Apply with the title of the position and Location you are applying for as subject to

Monday, May 4, 2020

Career Opportunity for Young Apprentices in Lagos

A leading dealer in sewing machines based in Lagos Island wants 5 or 10 focused guys ready to partner with our company for 5 -10 years.


- Must be ready to undergo adequate training in sewing machine repairs which includes different kinds of brands and types.

- Must be willing to work subsequently for the company for at least 5 -10 years with salary based on a legally-binding contract.

All training cost shall be borne by the company including transportation monthly stipend.




Send CV and cover letter to with the subject: SEWING MACHINE APPRENTICE

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Take Advantage of JarusHub's 1-for-2 Offer During the COVID-19 Lockdown

We are in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic which has many of us under lockdown. However, while we stay at home, observe social distancing and take precautions as announced by the authorities, it is important to embark on self-improvement and at JarusHub, we are here to help you with this process.
So, we have decided to do something for anybody who is willing to invest in themselves in this period.
We are offering you the chance to get our 2 exceptional and highly rated e-books: The Road to Victoria Island  which goes for N1,700 and  From School To Job: A Complete Guide which  goes for N1,000. Normally, you would have to pay N2,700 to get the 2.
However, we are offering you both e-books for N1,500 only.
This offer lasts through the period of lockdown in Lagos.
Pay N1,500 into our bank account:

Send an SMS or WhatsApp message to Abdulkabir on 08085404500 with your payment details and email address. We will send the 2 e-books to your inbox.
Don’t delay, make a wise investment in yourself and your future.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Covid-19: Are you Prepared for the Future of Work and Business?

Unless you have a top pharmaceutical company that can develop cures for global illnesses, you might have a problem currently and in the new future with Covid-19, the novel coronavirus and similar diseases like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) that have arisen in recent years. While the degree of spread and seriousness varies with each, it seems safe to think that these kinds of the diseases are likely to become more widespread and common. The trend suggests that Covid-19 is just one in a series of diseases that are likely to prevent the world from running effectively, the way we used to know it.

As a result, many jobs are at risk. Civil servants are at risk because broke governments around the world are going to learn that they can run without an overbloated bureaucracy. Just look at what Lagos state government is able to achieve with about 70% of its staff at home not working in Nigeria. Companies will be swifter and more ruthless in implementing changes to the way they are structured and work because for them the bottom line is critical. Businesses that cannot adapt to being relevant when movement of large segments of the population is restricted are likely to die-off.

Imagine an entrepreneur that has invested in a big office and large staff to impress potential customers, the public and investors. And then there's this lockdown caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic. Huge investment and a huge loss of revenue mean that such a business might be in trouble. Its survival is called to question unless the management can quickly find ways to cut cost and try to increase revenue. Juxtapose this to a business that has few staff and has a strong presence online. It encourages minimum direct interaction with customers in its business model. Even if it is not making much money now, its costs are also low, it can adapt faster to the new order of things and even leverage on its flexible structure to raise sales and revenue. This ensures that it has a better chance of surviving.

It doesn't matter whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, the nature of work and business is rapidly changing and it is those that have relevant skills and models that will thrive in this new economy.

So, what skills and strategies are going to be critical in this new world order of work and business?

Let me suggest a few:

Important Skills and Services Required in the Post-Covid19 World
1.    Digital Skills & Services
2.    Simplified Quality Healthcare
3.    Logistics
4.    Telecommuting and Online Shopping
5.    Food Business
6.    Cyber Security
7.    Online Learning and Education Boom

Let’s look at them in detail:

1. Digital Skills & Services

Any skill or service that supports the delivery of information, education, entertainment and exchange of value online is likely to experience a boom. Zoom the online platform that makes online meetings and collaboration possible has seen an increase in use. Different organizations from the Lagos state government and private schools are making use of it to host virtual classes and meetings. Web designers, programmers, graphic designers, digital marketers, bloggers, digital content producers are all expected to experience a boom. While the majority of the population might not fall ill, we need to still communicate with family and friends as well as be informed, educated and entertained during the pandemic while many that need money are also trying to earn it online.

2. Simplified Quality Healthcare

The idea of the hospital and how it can be run is beginning to change. We are seeing stadiums, halls, and convention centers being turned to temporary but functional hospitals. Retired hospital staff are being recalled to support the healthcare system. This makes it clear that in the future, older healthcare professionals can expect to be retained on flexible contracts to provide standardized and affordable healthcare for underserved communities in developed countries or large populations in the developed world.

3. Logistics is Critical

Delivering goods and tangible products from either points of production or storage to where they are needed is a new critical area for future economies. While many sectors of the American economy have been affected negatively by the Covid-19 induced shutdown of many parts of the United States, trucking companies and truckers are seeing increased demand for their services to keep essential supplies available to the general population. Even in Nigeria, the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is repositioning itself as a key provider of logistics services in this period where Lagos, Ogun and Abuja, 3 critical parts of Nigeria and other places like Rivers and Kaduna states are under lockdown.

4. Telecommuting and Online Shopping to Become Widely Accepted

Many organizations that hitherto scoffed at the idea of staff working from home are beginning to realize that it is something worth considering and adapting to. Some had encouraged staff to work from home before a formal lockdown was announced by the federal and state governments in some parts of Nigeria. Also, some Nigerians who didn't believe in buying stuff or paying for services online are getting forced to subscribe to pay-tv or buy for I subscription online. This trend is likely to continue Covid-19.

5. Food Business is Critical

Agriculture and its entire value chain including food processing and preparation is critical. Governments especially those in developing countries like Nigeria have had to find ways to ensure that citizens have access to food during lockdowns. Investors and businesses are likely to be more interested in food processing and storage to meet huge demand during emergencies and pandemics like this in the future.

6. Cyber Security: Online Fraud and Criminal Activity

The more people do stuff online, the more criminals will try to swindle, steal from and extort them. Cyber security and forensics is definitely going to be more important in this era. Those with knowledge and skills in this area are likely to have a huge demand for their services.
Companies providing security solutions are also likely to do well. Despite Zoom's rise and popularity during this Covid-19 pandemic, it got backlash after Elon Musk questioned its security. This and other concerns will always be around. Hence, the demand for cyber security experts and companies is expected to increase as more people move their key business operations online.

7. Online Learning and Education Boom
The world is changing rapidly and only those that have the relevant skills will be competitive. Many have started learning new skills online because this current global lockdown has shown them how vulnerable they are with their current skill set. So, if you can teach people the new critical skills they need, you can expect a huge spike in demand, growth and profitability.

The days of looking down on online coaching and training are gone.

The world has changed in the last 2 months and is still changing. The faster we begin to accept and adjust to this new reality, the better we are likely to do in it. Do not feel overwhelmed, just adapt, learn and relearn to excel in these new, different and difficult times.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Apply for JarusHub Career Advancement Programme for Fresh and Unemployed Graduates in Environmental Sciences

JarusHub, Nigeria’s leading career mentoring and advancement platform in conjunction with its partners is conducting a career development programme for fresh and unemployed graduates in Environmental Science courses like Architecture, Building Technology, Environmental Management, Estate Management, Geography, Quantity Surveying, Surveying and Geo-informatics, Urban and Regional Planning etc.

This programme entails career guidance, meeting with top industry professionals, opportunities for mentoring, internship or placement.


-B.Sc./HND in relevant course

-Must be based in Lagos

-Must be currently unemployed

-Must be available for the programme’s activities (including training, meeting with top professionals and mentoring sessions)

-Must have completed NYSC


Interested candidates should send their CV and a minimum 300-word essay detailing why they should be selected for this programme to with the subject: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE PROGRAMME.


Applications close 1 week from now (Friday, March 13, 2020) or when we get a maximum of 100 qualified applicants – whichever comes first.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Financial Responsibility: Preparing Your Teens to Make the Best Financial Decision

Growing up, I never fully understood the concept of financial responsibility or how my parents managed their finances. I had no appreciation for the naira note nor how to be a thrifty shopper. I was ill-prepared to manage a budget or make wise money choices as a college graduate. As I got older and more financially conscious, I realized that if it wasn’t for my minimalist parents, their wise decision to 
open a kiddies account for I and my siblings as well as generous relatives with deep pockets, I couldn’t have imagined where we would be today, financially speaking.
Several life lessons opened my eyes to the importance of financial responsibility which is why I think it’s incredibly important to teach young children how money works and how to wisely use it.
If you asked most teens or kids in their pre-teens what it means to be financially responsible or if they have a teens account, I am sure you will get a lot of remarks masked in confusion.
This is why I will like to share some practical ideas for imparting financial responsibility in your teens as you prepare them for their future.
How to Teach Your Kids Financial Responsibility
Having that money talk with your kids as they grow older may be a hard nut to crack. With this in mind, I have curated a checklist to help you prepare your kids as they navigate the tricky waters of personal finance;
1.      Be the example:
Several teens rely on their parents to set the right example when it comes to money management. As parents and guardians, we play a crucial role in shaping our children’s financial habits and attitude towards money.
A great way to set the right example as your teens grow older is by including them in some of your financial decisions. An example, showing them how you get better deals on groceries, or how you use a budget planner for your monthly expenses.
Let them in on your budgeting process for household supplies, essential bills and gradually introduce them to how you sort your taxes or pay your mortgage.
Very often, children mimic the financial habits of their parents or guardians.
If your children see you as the type of person who saves up to buy something, then they are more likely to do the same but if they notice you’re quick to turn to credit to fund non-essential purchases, they most likely follow suit.
2.      Give your teen the freedom to manage their own budget:
This will teach a vital lesson and help them understand that money is not an unlimited resource.
Allowing your teens manage funds early will help them recognise the value of money and teach them the importance of spending only what they can afford, help them avoid the drawbacks caused by unplanned expenses.
You can also introduce them to banks with teens account and talk them through everything they need to know to ensure open the right account.
3.      Pocket money and budgeting
One of the ways to teach teenagers financial responsibility is giving them a set budget for a specific task.
Pocket money offers the first taste of financial responsibility to a lot of children. Giving your kid a regular amount of money and the sole responsibility of paying for things they like, offers them the first glimpse into life and how to stick to a budget.
An example could be providing them with a monthly budget for their meal and allowing them spend the funds as they like, if they choose to spend the money on other things other than their meal and they run out funds, they’ll learn a valuable lesson about budgeting and discipline.
Teenagers who receive a regular, fixed sum are likely to keep track of their financial income and spending. A crucial part of teaching your teenagers how to manage their finances is to be strict with the money you give them and ensuring you rarely ever bail them out when they overspend. This will teach them that overspending can lead to the problem of debt.
4.      Share tales of your financial mistakes:
Opening up to your kids about certain financial mistakes you have made in the past and how they hindered you is a good idea. These stories are a great way to highlight the dangers of poor financial habits. This could mean telling them about how you incurred debts because of a bad spending habit on unnecessary items.
By sharing some of the financial mistakes you made when you were about their age, you will be teaching them valuable financial lessons.
5.      Help them Develop a Savings Culture:
Teaching your kids, the importance of saving and only buying the things they need is a crucial part of shaping their adult life.
This could means encouraging your kids to set aside a small amount every month to buy a new pair of shoes, or teaching them how to save long-term for bigger projects.
This habit and financial discipline will make it easy for them to achieve their long term goals of going to college, paying their mortgage or buying a car as they become adults.
Talking to teenagers about the need to save can be quite tasking, so it’s a great idea to introduce them to saving by leveraging their interests.
If your kid is interested in fashion, you can help them out work out how to meet the cost for items they will like to get. This could mean teaching them to set aside a certain amount of money monthly or helping them secure a part time job.
6.      Teach them how to manage their first wage:
Helping your teenager secure a job is one of the important steps to financial independence. This will also help increase the amount of disposable income they have access to.
Younger kids who still go to school can take up informal employment like babysitting for family friends, while teenagers over the minimum school leaving age can take up full time employment. This will play a key role in preparing them for the future and is also a great opportunity to in-still in them the importance of saving some of their earnings for rainy days.
An example could be, if your teenager would like to buy some fashion items, make up or the latest PS4, you can show them how to set-up a standing order to their savings account on every pay day. This way, their savings is automated and it so much easier to stick to a budget.
Image Source: Unsplash cc @blankerwahnsinn

Written by: Mariama Barry

Thursday, January 23, 2020

JarusHub Invites you to its Career Club On Telegram

Over the last 5 years, the JarusHub Career Club has been a platform where students of tertiary institutions, fresh graduates, entry level and experienced professionals have shared valuable educational, career, professional and business tips to enhance progress in their different endeavours via our 8 WhatsApp groups.

People have been motivated to achieve academic excellence, people have gotten great jobs, friendships and partnerships have been formed.

Now, it's time to take the community to another level. We have just established our Telegram group and we want to leverage on the larger space to add greater value to our community through:

*Monthly career talks by leading professionals from different sectors of the economy and public institutions.

*Increased posting of job openings.

*Allowing members to add their friends without recourse to Admins.

*Improved information access and sharing.

*A wider pool of knowledge and understanding to benefit from.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the JarusHub Career Club today on Telegram via and share with your friends.

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