Monday, June 24, 2019

Get Registered as a Driver on Indriver to Boost Your Income

InDriver is an international ride-sharing app that is in over 200 cities and 25 countries including the United States.

It is a competitor to Uber/Bolt.

We charge 0% commission for first 6 months (minimum).

5%-10% commission after that.

Also the driver sees the destination of the rider when notified of a trip request.

You don't have to accept a request you are not inclined to take.

Registration is free and easy, I can guide you online in 30 minutes. Let me know if you are interested.

These are the requirements:

Do You Have These?

✓Car model must be 2000 or newer
✓Car must have Lagos vehicle license
✓Driving with Uber or Bolt(Taxify) with an active profile OR Has a PCC specimen documents ( Police Character certificate)
Photo information required
1. Photo of the vehicle from the front
2. Photo of Lagos vehicle license
3. Photo of driver's licence (front side)
4. Photo of you holding your driver's licence.
5. Screenshot of Uber or Bolt (Taxify) profile OR Photo of police character certificate.

Registration is free and can be completed in 30 minutes. Call or WhatsApp Indriver Recruiter on 08085404500 to get started.

Apres Announces the Launch of its Platform to Create AI Training Data Using AI

Apres is a startup using AI to create training data for businesses

Apres recently announced the launch of its new platform to train AI models using deep learning. Apres creates AI training tools that learn from labeled data to help companies radically reduce the cost of creating and maintaining AI applications. The Apres platform offers both self-serve and managed labeling solutions -- giving companies a convenient way to scale labeling on their terms.

Apres Dashboard

With Apres, companies can leverage the labeled data they already have -- created on or off the platform -- into high performance AI training automations. These automations can be integrated into a model to enrich low confidence results, through custom API endpoints, or used to create labeled data on-demand. Users can improve their automations with pretrained datasets on common machine learning themes in technology, business, finance, marketing, and health, all within Apres’ own solutions library. The library is accessible within the platform and custom API endpoints.

By adding active learning to the labeling process, Apres helps companies more intelligently create training data and collect insights. Apres then produces training reports with each batch to help companies optimize their training process, giving them deeper control of model quality.

Apres Co-founder/CEO Matt Waite

“We want to make it easier for developers and companies to build and maintain artificial intelligence applications. With both deep learning technology and infrastructure becoming more accessible, training and support become the core bottlenecks. By shifting from human to mechanical support we hope to make developing intelligence more accessible and economical for everyone,” said Matt Waite, Co-founder and CEO.

In recent years AI has skyrocketed in popularity. There was over $2 billion invested by companies in 2018 alone, and that number is expected to reach $32 billion by 2025. For most companies, AI has become an important competitive advantage and considered the “next big technology shift”.  With around 80% of a company's time developing machine learning models related to data management, Apres is in the perfect position to facilitate the rise of AI, and help companies scale their applications.

“We want to provide tools that help companies stay ahead in their industry. Thanks to our unique approach, we hope that Apres will become a market leader in a world where data intelligence is more popular and in demand than ever before. Our ultimate goal is to help companies incorporate more people in the training process to help the company scale it’s workforce’s intelligence,” said Waite.

Apres is an AI training platform, on a mission to automate AI training by using a combination of human and machine labeling. The platform learns from your data to seamlessly scale the training process, delivering high-quality results more efficiently than ever before. This includes tools for both textual and object detection use cases, with a library of pretrained models to kick off learning and detailed reports to improve training outcomes.

Matthew Waite, +1 770-289-8229 / +351 929-101-010,

Friday, May 24, 2019

How to Book Your Place as a Driver on InDriver in Nigeria and Get Approved in 3 Hours

There is a new e-hailing/mobile taxi app taking the world and Africa by storm, it is called InDriver. I am going to teach you how to book your place quickly as a driver in Nigeria before the process becomes cumbersome.

You need to pay attention properly please.

STEP 1: Download the InDriver app from Playstore or Appstore for Apple

Passengers and drivers will be using the same app. No need to be asking for driver's app. Nothing like that. Just one app.

STEP 2: Register as a passenger

This step is required of everybody including drivers. You will need to submit your active phone number. You will get a confirmation code. Enter it in the app and get confirmed.

At this stage, you should send a text with your name and phone number to 08085404500 saying you have been confirmed on the app.

This step is very important. This will allow me log you into the database manually for drivers. Don't proceed to driver registration on the app without it.

I will confirm that I have manually logged you in the database ASAP.

STEP THREE: Click on driver's online registration
Here you would be asked for all the relevant documents from InDriver.

For Nigeria (Lagos For Now)

You Should Have all of These
✓Car model must be 2000 or newer
✓Car must have Lagos vehicle license
✓Driving with Uber or Bolt(Taxify) with an active profile OR Has a PCC specimen documents ( Police Character certificate).

Photo information required

1. Photo of the vehicle from the front
2. Photo of Lagos vehicle license
3. Photo of driver's licence (front side)
4. Photo of you holding your driver's licence.
5. Screenshot of Uber or taxify profile OR Photo of police character certificate.

STEP 4: Upload your documents

Some of the documents require taking a picture, some require uploading from your phone's memory card or internal memory. Upload them all, if you don't your application will not be approved.

STEP 5: Input Referral Code for Quick Approval

This code will help you get approved quickly because it links you to a person not just a computer program. Input this code: 10351

Click on submit.

Wait for about an hour before trying to go online. Once you are able to go online, you have been approved. If not, just be patient.


The price you see from the passenger is what you will get paid regardless of traffic or distance. Therefore, only accept trips whose price you like.

Alternatively, you can respond to the passenger by bidding higher, this means you want a higher price to take the trip. But mind you, if another driver accepts the passengers fare, the system will automatically select that driver. Drivers close to the passenger's location would have the same information as you.

I am an official recruiter for InDriver and I work across borders but I have a special interest for my fellow Nigerians.

Let's do this guys.

For other Africans in these countries, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Uganda, you can contact me as well.

Any questions, contact me on 08085404500 especially via WhatsApp.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Simple Tips to Be a Better Writer

Writing can be easy or tough depending on how talented and skilled you are. However, regardless of your skill level, you should still be able to write. The tips in this infographic are likely to be helpful as you strive to be a better writer.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Participate In Jarushub's Lifechanging Career Seminar Free (Hurry To Book A Spot)



(An online seminar to take place via WhatsApp)



Jarus is the Chief Resource Officer at JarusHub, Nigeria’s most authoritative career resources platform. Through regular career information sharing on Nairaland, JarusHub and other social media channels, he has established himself as a leading authority on career issues in Nigeria. He’s the author of the widely acclaimed career guide, The Road to Victoria Island. Trained in Nigeria and the UK, Jarus has over a decade’s experience in Nigeria’s oil & gas and investment banking sectors.

May Day, Monday, 1st May 2019

10am – 12noon

The e-seminar will cover the following topics:

CV & Job Hunting – CV Building lesson; Conventional & Unconventional job application methods. Test formats of top companies in Nigeria.

Networking – The importance of networking and how to build network, with real life examples.

Know the Industries – Selected industries in Nigeria and how to get job in them. Among the industries to be extensively discussed are Oil & Gas, Investment Banking, Consulting, Professional services/auditing firms, banking/financial services, public sector, engineering services, etc.

Interview – Everything about interview. How to go about acing job interviews.


Final year students in universities/polytechnics preparing for life after school
Prospective or serving corps members
Young graduates (whether employed, underemployed or unemployed)
Any other interested person


Registration is absolutely FREE. Just join using You have to act fast though because we will be blocking access once the seminar formally starts on May 1, 2019.

Participants at previous editions are not eligible for this edition so as to let the benefit circulate

You don’t want to miss this life-changing seminar, share this information with your friends as well. It promises to be educative, enlightening and exciting. You can call 08085404500 for further enquiries.

Make it a date!


Bridging career information gap, mentoring a generation to success.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How to Register your Vehicle in Nigeria

Vehicle use is consequential only to Vehicle Registration in Nigeria. It is therefore advised that you do proper registration before zooming your ride around town, else you risk impoundment by security agencies.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC),  a government agency in Nigeria is responsible for the production and supply of the vehicle plate numbers. These are passed to the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) which is the agency that handles vehicle registration for Lagos State - citing Lagos as an example. The proof of ownership is issued here and the vehicle is duly registered by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) as well.

During these processes, the Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) registers the vehicle and issues a Road Worthiness Certificate. The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) also issues the Central Motor Registration (CMR). At Motormata, we go through all these processes for you and deliver in 24 hours.

In order to register your vehicle, you are required to go to the Motor Licensing Office of the State Board of Internal Revenue (SBIR). There, you would be taken step by step through the process and procedure of vehicle registration.

Another option is that you can apply online by logging onto the NVIS website and fill a form, submit the form, after which an item number will be automatically created and taken to SBIR for necessary payment.  You will then be issued with necessary vehicle documents which include Vehicle License, Valid Insurance Certificate, Certificate of Road Worthiness and Proof of Ownership Certificate.

However, due to the unfortunate events of fraudulent individuals bypassing the due process and circulating fake vehicle registration documents, the FRSC and SBIRs have come up with ways to sabotage these criminal activities. One way is the development of an online Information Verification Portal (IVP) which poses itself as an authentic platform that provides applicants and vehicle owners the opportunity to verify online the authenticity of their vehicle registration and plate numbers.

The advantages this verification portal has brought with it cannot be overemphasized as it has shown itself a reliable medium of scrutinizing vehicle documents, detecting and sieving out the fake ones. Security agents have been able to decipher ingenuine registration and plate numbers. They have also been able to track vehicles used to commit crimes like theft. This in turn, has an overall ripple effect on national security and safety.

Now, let's look at what you need to register your vehicle.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration in Nigeria

Attestation Letter from the company of purchase
Receipt of Purchase/Invoice
Delivery Note from the company of purchase
Proof of Ownership of the vehicle
A valid and current Driver's License
Means of Identification
Proof of current address
Passport photograph of the vehicle owner

If the vehicle is imported, you will add these too:
Custom Papers
Tax Identification Number
Vehicle Duty Certificate

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How to Avoid the Common Honda Ball Joint Problem

Honda Ball Joint failure is a common problem

“I have a 2005 Honda Accord that always gives this problem: The front wheels keep falling off. First the left front wheel fell off while turning left at an intersection. Then the right one fell off while traveling 80km/h on the express. Fortunately for me, there was another driver behind me when it happened, and he flipped on his lights while I struggled to one sloppy area. Just some days ago again, the left front wheel fell off, while I was turning left at a roundabout. My question is, Why Are Honda Accords like this? My mechanics told me it’s a design flaw that causes the weight of the car resting on the lower ball joint at the wheels. Is this really true?”

The above question was asked in a blog post and really showed how frustrated the individual was after a few dangerous experiences. If you drive a Honda or know someone who does, have you also experienced this?

Honda and of course, Toyota are the most popular car brands in Nigeria if not throughout the world. Infact, it’s most likely that the one reading this article right now is a Honda or Toyota vehicle owner.
 Honda without doubt has its own premium quality. However, there are issues it brings to its users which can really be annoying. The common one we will be mentioning here is the ball joint. For instance, it can just pull off unexpectedly on highways, roundabouts, or anywhere as accurately described in the rant above.

Generally, there are two factors that can make a car wheels to just fall off.
First is if they're not fixed properly (i.e the lug nuts are not tightened well or they're rather overtightened). This can cause the wheel bolts to break. Second is if the ball joints fail.

If the wheel nuts happen to be intensely overtightened, this stresses and in turn weakens the wheel bolts. One bolt snapping means the pressure is transferred to the others - four doing the work of five. Before you know it, one more bolt snaps and the rest’s failure will be so rapid.

Ball joints are a very crucial suspension component found in nearly all modern automobiles. The front ball joints let the front wheels and suspension move backwards and forwards and also up and down whenever you turn your steering wheel.
Should a ball joint fracture or snap, the wheel immediately becomes totally free to go any direction it feels. This, consequently, can damage the car’s tire, fender and other related suspension components. You, as a driver, however ought to have been noticing a few symptoms because they will surely have been displayed if you were alert enough.
Here are four things to look out for:
1. Abnormal Vibration Coming From the Front of the Vehicle  
Worn out ball joints become insecure in their sockets and shake vigorously as the vehicle is in motion. This vibration normally comes from the worn out ball joint, either from the left side or right of the vehicle. Sometimes, you will also feel this shaking through your steering wheel.

2. Noises From the Front Suspension

Another common sign is the noise you’ll hear coming from the vehicle’s front suspension. These are the loose ball joints rattling and striking each other in the sockets as the suspension goes up and down over the road. These noises become louder with deeper damage of the ball joint or until they finally fail and give out.
3 Steering Wheel Meandering to the Right or Left
Another very obvious sign of damaged ball joints is when the steering starts to meander or wander. The steering wheel normally should move straight if the wheels are in proper alignment and the ball joints are in good condition. Worn out ball joints therefore will make the vehicle steering to be wandering on its own.
4. Uneven Wear on Front Tires
You will discover here that the edges of your front tires are wearing down faster than the other sides of the tire tread. This sign is a bit difficult to see but worn out ball joints are most likely a cause. Whenever you notice any of the above signs, take time also to take a careful look at your tires and the inner treads. The wearing will show on either the inner or outer tread depicting it’s as a result of worn-out front ball joints.
The cars mostly vulnerable to this are cars on which the tires have been rotated frequently, over a long period of time. And where the mechanic might have overtightened the lug nuts times without number.

So for your Honda, it is advisable you have a mechanic you trust check your wheel bolts, and make sure they're not stripped or distorted. If you notice any abnormal wear or weakness, replace immediately all of the bolts and wheel nuts on all four wheels. It is likely all the others too were overtightened and therefore stripped.

You can always get a replacement here at Motormata. Our online catalog features the full range of aftermarket parts and accessories for many years and car models, so you're sure to find just the right ball joints and other car parts you need for your Honda or any other vehicle brand.

It is also reasonable for you to have your front end examined carefully on a regular schedule so you can see any wear and tear before they cause unfortunate incidents which could easily have been avoided.
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