Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Habits of Unsuccessful vs.Successful People

Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Say Goodbye to Nokia Lumia

As Microsoft is set to drop the name from its Lumia devices.

Microsoft drops Nokia name, relabels to Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft will be dropping the Nokia name off its Lumia range and renaming it to Microsoft Lumia.

The company made the announcement on its Nokia France Facebook page, where it wrote: "In the coming days, you will receive a message from Facebook on the renaming of this page. We are about to become Microsoft Lumia."

The Verge got official confirmation that other countries will follow France in the rebranding steps in coming weeks, and a Microsoft spokesperson has told ZDNet: "We have nothing to share concerning these reports."

This is one of the first changes to come as part of Microsoft's plans to phase out the Nokia brand since it became the new owner of Nokia's handset business in April. As part of the acquisition, Microsoft is now responsible for Lumia smartphones and tablets, Nokia mobile phones, Xbox hardware, Surface, Perceptive Pixel (PPI) products, and accessories.

As a result of the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft has also acquired approximately 25,000 new employees located in 50 countries.

Rumours have also circulated that Microsoft might use the Lumia brand to replace its Surface brand.

Meanwhile, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who appeared on CBS This Morning on Tuesday to speak about becoming the new owner of NBA team LA Clippers, said that buying Nokia was a "tough" and "big decision".

"All along the way, we've appreciated mobile. But we're not winning in mobile. There's a difference between 'hey, you're asleep' and saying 'hey, you're not putting the formula together right'. We didn't," he said.

Source: ZDNET

Oscar Pistorius Gets Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

Oscar Pistorius the "blade runner" has been sentenced to 5 years in prison by Judge Thokozile Masipa for killing Reeva Steenkamp.

It is not yet known if he will serve this prison term fully or a work-around might be made to ensure that he stays for a muc shorter period in prison. His defence team had suggested house arrest indicating that they are trying to prevent him from spending time in a South African prison.

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See how crocodiles are sold in the supermarket in China

Crocodiles for sale at supermarket in China
Source: Izismile

Buying crocodiles for food at the supermarket in China is apparently as natural to them as it is natural to us to by fish or chicken. Would you buy if it were available at your local supermarket?

Video: WHO Formally Declares Ebola Free

This is a great news for Nigeria and worth celebrating. We should not relax though, the Ebola threat is still very potent.

Friday, October 17, 2014 unveils Puls smartwatch, looks like a hit!

Puls smartwatch unveiled by

This seems like a smartwatch I would buy...

When you think wearables, you don’t usually think international superstar or Salesforce. Push aside that old way of thinking aside because Black Eyed Peas frontman just unveiled his Puls smartwatch at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

Pronounced “pulse,” the smartwatch is voice controlled via a Siri-like feature called Aneeda (get it? Aneeda. I need a…). It ships with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (called Twitrist. get it? Twit wrist. Puns!), and Salesforce. It also has the expected photo, email, contacts, call, texting, calculator, music and fitness functions.

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