Sunday, July 26, 2015

Addressing 5 Popular Myths About Nigerians

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There are some bitter sweet stories about Nigerians; some so cruel several have vowed never to set feet in Nigeria or stay miles away from any Nigerian they sight.It is not right to judge a nation by a little fraction of people, just like a line from Asa’s Jailer – “Let’s hear he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.” We are all humans, regardless of boundaries; just like we have some bad people so do we have very good people everywhere around the world, with this said, let’s set some things right.

1.      1.  Nigerians are not hostile but HOSPITABLE  
Nigerians are one of the friendliest and jovial people on the face of the earth, you shake things up. We love entertaining guests, it’s one the things we are best at.We are reputed to have one of the best Owanbes (parties) with good music/dance and when it comes to receiving foreigners, we do it wholeheartedly.

1.       2. Nigerians are not fraudulent but OPENYes we have people who work hard to make their money legally with no short cuts, so when you see a wealthy Nigerian, never jump into the conclusion he/she is fraudulent without any facts to prove so. Not every Nigerian approaching you for a business deal is looking to swindle you of your money.

1.       3. Nigerians are not violent but PROTECTIVE
Nigerians do not roam about the streets with a gun or cutlass, relax, we protect people we find in trouble regardless of whether we know them or not, we are compassionate. Regardless of where we find ourselves, within or outside, we stick together as one.

1.      4. Nigerians are not opportunists but HARDWORKING
Nigerians work, we have farmers, welders, carpenters, lawyers and doctors who go about their businesses daily to provide for their personal and family needs, we are not usually scouring the internet, looking for the next available person to exploit.

1.       5. Nigerians are not copycats but CREATIVE
We think day and night trying to come up with new ideas and products that will benefit the world, some of our talented ones have made it to Forbes Magazine, CNN and many more reputable internationalmedia organisations, we are highly talented!

If you are one of such persons that believethese myths, there is a great deal you are missing, contrary to the bitter stories you have heard, Nigerians are great people and Nigeria is a beautiful place to be!
If you have a contrary opinion about Nigerians, then share your thoughts!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Catch the Benteke Smile

I am sure by now most of my readers know that Christian Benteke has signed for Liverpool from Aston Villa and going by this smile, the rest of the English Premier League (EPL) had better take note.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Snacks to Pack for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips can be exciting and adventurous, one exciting part of a road trip are the nibbles you get to munch along the journey while enjoying the view of the dancing trees, scenic views, skies and sun along an expressway like Benin - Ore road.

But sometimes an exciting trip can end up being a disaster because of a few hiccups you may encounter during the trip – like constipation. To avoid stopping every quarter of the road in search of a convenience to use, the best option is usually to stick with light meals that will not get you easily constipated. For this reason, the best kind of edibles to stick with will be discussed.
Most people often confuse snacks with junkies. There are healthy snacks that do not harm the body and play as much role as a regular meal, just that it may be less filling. Below are some snacks you should consider.

·         Scotch egg
·         Meat Pie
·         Chin Chin
·         Puff Puff
·         Donuts
·         Buns
·         Fish rolls
·         Egg rolls
·         Popcorn
·         Cookies
·         Chips –Plantain, Potatoes or yam.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits are nutritious Рnot to sound like a clich̩. They also help you feel more comfortable and less stressed maybe because of the specific nutrients they provide or the steady, reliable source of energy they give you. Fruits you should go for are:

·         Grape seed
·         Berries
·         Apples
·         Bananas
·         Carrots

You need to keep yourself hydrated, and there is a high chance you will need a drink to control your body temperature and cool off. Sticking with natural fruit drinks is the best option, taking something too sweetened may make your stomach ache. You should go for drinks like:

·         Lemonade
·         Natural Fruit Juice – no additives or colorant.
·         Water

Also note that there may be snacks, fruits or drinks listed here you have tried and got you constipated, it is best to stay away from them.
What type of Chow or Drinks do you prefer to have on Road Trips? Do share with me; I will love to hear them!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Incredible: This Guy is Sleeping in the Rain

So the rain that fell this morning caught me outdoors and I was trapped at Sabo, Yaba for about an hour.

I like to observe things a lot and whilst waiting for the rain to stop (which it really had no intention of doing), I found this vegetable seller sleeping in the rain with the umbrella over his head.

If someone had told me that it is possible under such circumstances in the past, I might have argued but seeing this guy proves that sleeping is a gift and if given the opportunity, some people can sleep under water!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Learn the 3 Dos and 5 Don’ts for a JJC in Lagos

If you didn’t grow up in Lagos and are a 'Johny Just Come' (JJC), adjusting to the hustling and bustling life of the city may be difficult for you even if you are just to spend few days, especially if you grew up in a calm city like Agbor town or Akure.

People who are visiting Lagos for the first time or have never visited usually have different conceptions based on the stories they have garnered from various Lagosians they have met back at home, many have concluded they cannot settle in Lagos – “it is too noisy”, “it is overcrowded”, “I can’t cope with the stress of the traffic” they do say.

You will agree that sometimes, circumstances beyond your control will make you become a resident of Lagos or a visitor – newjob, marriage or attending an event of a loved one.Putting aside the stories you have heard, everyone can cope in Lagos, you just need to open your mind to it and adhere to some dos and don’ts like these ones below.

The 5 Dos
·       Keep Calm and be Respectful

You may probably see new things around -landmarks, structures, and more, it’s okay to look, but staring for too long or touching may just make you look awkward with people around wondering what planet you dropped from. Learn to say sorry if you bump into someone, don’t attack with words like “are you blind?” or any other offensive word -  try as much as possible to stay out of arguments.

·         Don’t look Intimidated or Frightened

Depending on the area, there may be lots of noise from traffic orpeople yelling at each other, don’t let that frighten you, simply go about your business or steer clear from the area and move as fast as you can because you may never tell when a fight will break out from thosearguments. Don’t be sloppy or move around like a wanderer, act smart rather than intimidated by the environment.

·         Blend
Relax, not everyone in Lagos is out to snatch your belongings like you may have probably heard from those stories.Contribute sensibly to discussions;be warm and friendly– when you need to.Yes, about your dressing, if you do not want to draw stares or fall a prey to robbery, do away with excessive jewelries and beads.

The 5 Don’ts

·         Don’t Trust Easily
Just like the popular saying, you do not judge a book by its cover – just because he or she wears a suit or looks goods doesn’t mean they can be trusted, be wise. 

·         Don’t Move at Night
Except you are really familiar with the area or you have a very good memory when it comes to roads, then you should stick with the day, at times even places you think you know so well looks different at night.Also avoid dark and lonely areas.

·         Don’t be Greedy
So someone walks up to you and starts telling you about this really cool deal you should invest in or try out – “make 100,00 naira with just 10,000 naira in 3 days”, truth is, there’s a 99.9 percent chance it’s scam -  he or she is just trying to eat your money.

·         Don’t show yourself
Even if you are your village champion, no one in Lagos really cares; bragging and shouting may get you attention but land you in trouble, be wise.

·         Don’t take Unlabeled Buses

To be on a safer side, commercial buses painted yellow or BRT buses are better options, though they are couple of private cars and buses that pick up passengers at bus stops, patiently wait for a commercial one to take you to your destination.

Hope you find these tips useful when you make your next trip to Lagos.

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