Friday, November 18, 2022

Ansar-ud-Deen College Isolo Provides Conclusive Evidence Debunking False Claims about its Students

Ansar-ud-Deen College Isolo is one of the most respected Muslim-owned and run secondary schools in Nigeria and the school which is also my alma mater was embroiled in a wicked rumour recently which arose from some people making false claims that students from an apparently Muslim school shown in a video dancing lewdly are from the school.

The school's ICT team has done a great job of dissecting and analyzing the said video to prove conclusively that the students and the location have nothing to do with Ansar-ud-Deen College Isolo or any of its sister schools. 

Please watch the video yourself next:

You can also visit the Ansar-ud-College Isolo's Facebook Page for more details. 

Sunday, September 11, 2022

How to Remove a Fish bone Stuck in Your Throat Naija Style


Fish Soup

You are eating that wonderful meal and then it happens! Seemingly as some sort of final revenge, the bone of the fish you are eating gets stuck in your throat ... Oh! The pain, you can barely talk or breathe without feeling discomfort. So, what do you do?

I have experienced this quite a few times over the years and let me inform you of some of the methods I have used over the years to dislodge fish bones in my throat.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is for information purposes only. I am not a doctor and do not have expertise to treat any medical ailment or emergency. You should go to the hospital if you feel your health is taking a turn for the worse at any point in time. I bear no responsibility or liability for information shared here.

Back to my list of fish bone removal from the throat techniques:

Ways to Remove Fish Bone Stuck in your Throat

1. Quickly move your throat to dislodge the bone.
2. Quickly drink water to flush it down.
3. Quickly eat a boneless part of the meal you were eating to push it done.
4. Eat bread
5. Eat African swallow food.
6. Eat a banana
7. Induce vomiting
8. Olive oil
9. Cough heavily
10. Rice

1. Quickly move your throat to dislodge the bone

Your throat moves food from your mouth to your stomach via a process called peristalsis. You may just be able to move the stuck fish bone down this way.

2. Quickly drink water to flush it down

Water flushes not just toilets; it can flush your throat as well. You may gaggle your mouth with it and swish it down in one smooth movement; the force might just dislodge that stubborn fish bone.

3. Quickly eat a boneless part of the meal you were eating

Your meal might just be what you need to dislodge that bone. Be careful to confirm you are not swallowing additional bones and swallow your food without chewing it properly; the mass might just be enough to dislodge the fish bone and push it into your stomach. Take care not to choke yourself doing this though.

4. Eat bread

Get bread, masticate and soften it a bit and then swallow. It might just help you dislodge the fish bone. Several swallowing attempts might be required.

5. Eat African swallow food

African swallow foods are things like Fufu, Eba, Akpu, Amala, Pounded Yam and wheat meal. They are made into thick meals that are almost solid but with some viscosity. These attributes make them excellent candidates for dislodging fish bones. By the way, if you see an African eating swallow food outside of Africa, just understand that he is eating not committing suicide a la Bright Chimezie's song.

6. Eat a banana

Bananas are really nice and eating a bunch might help you dislodge that bothersome fish bone stuck in your mouth. Just peel, eat not-so-thoroughly and repeat. It might just help you dislodge the bone because it is sticky and semi-solid. Swallowing might just push the fish bone down into your stomach.

7. Induce Vomiting

This might seem disgusting but it might be what you need. When we vomit, the food comes out forcefully and this force might just help you dislodge the fish bone and free you of the pain. You can place your tooth brush on your palate to induce vomiting in the bathroom. Take time to eat something after to replace the lost nutrients from vomiting food.

8. Olive Oil

A teaspoon of olive oil could help you push that fish bone along into your stomach -- problem solved. This is possible because of its stickiness with attaches to the bone and helps to slide it down into the stomach.

9. Cough heavily

Coughing generates a force. This force might dislodge the fish bone from your throat thereby freeing you of the pain.

10. Rice

This staple meal for a large part of the human population may just be the ultimate fish bone removal tool. My reasons for saying this are not farfetched. First, it is soft and sticky which makes it clump together when cooked. This allows it to be swallowed relatively easily in one mass and it can easily push down the bone in any position and part of your throat. Just chew the cooked rice slightly and swallow with a swish. Keep repeating until you feel relieved. You might even feel the bone moving slightly with each swallow until it is fully dislodged.

The site where the fish bone got hooked might hurt for a while but it should get better in a matter of days Godwilling.

Remember, visit the hospital if you feel serious pain or discomfort .

That's it folks, hope you found this helpful.

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment. 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Let's Begin the Adventure: Top 10 Skills to Learn to Make Dollars Anywhere in the World


Do you desire professional growth and advancement? Perhaps generate some more income? Developing your skills is the best method to advance in your job and get more money online and offline. A strong skill set helps your CV stand out from the competition. Additionally, it raises your chances of advancement and gives you greater negotiating power when negotiating your salary. The skills that are likely to be most advantageous to learn in 2022 and in the next few years are listed below:

Top Skills to Learn to Make Dollars

1. Digital Marketing

2. Data Analysis

3. Software Development

4. User Experience 

5. Graphic Design

6. Web Design

7. Project Management

8. Content Creation and Management

9. Video Filming and Editing

10. Foreign Language

 My Story: How to Make it Big with the Big Global Tech Companies in Nigeria

1. Digital Marketing

Consider a career in digital marketing if you are creative, tech-savvy, and good at marketing. A part of marketing is digital marketing. It advertises goods and services through electronic gadgets and digital media platforms. Depending on the position, your annual salary could reach six figures in dollars. I have listed this skill first because it is not as technical as some of the other skills in this article. You can make a lot of money if you are really good at this. Some of the top guys make over $130,000 a year.

2. Data Analysis

The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report predicts that analytical thinking and creativity will be the top skill in demand. Businesses across all sectors need more staff who can gather, evaluate, and exchange data that can help them solve business challenges as they depend more and more on data to make educated decisions.

 A variety of tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, Tableau, R, or Python, can be used by data analysts. The more skilled you are, the more you can earn. Some earn over a $100,000 a year with this skill.

3. Software Development

Organizations need workers proficient in creating, maintaining, and advancing their technical systems as they increasingly rely on technology to expand their commercial capacities. The people who work in software engineering or DevOps create, oversee, and manage an organization's technological infrastructure.

DevOps or software engineering experts might work with Git, Docker, Jenkins, or Kubernetes, and they might be familiar with Python, Java, or C++. Again, the more skilled people in this field could easily earn over $100,000 a year.

4. User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX) designers develop readily navigable, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful applications and websites.

You'll make sure that people using websites or applications have the most effective and enjoyable "user experience" possible as a UX designer. You'll be involved in creating digital goods and services for distinct target audiences and end users, therefore you'll need to comprehend end users' motives.

Together with other members of the digital team and the larger organization, you'll strive to make sure that the goods and services you provide satisfy the demands of customers. Some of the top guys in this field earn over $90,000 a year.

5. Graphic Design

By fusing art and technology, graphic designers—also known as graphic artists or communication designers—can convey ideas through visuals and the organization of printed materials and websites. To generate aesthetic or decorative effects, they may employ a range of design components.

Text and images are both used by graphic designers. The type, font, size, color, and line length of headlines, headings, and text are frequently chosen by them. Additionally, graphic designers determine the relationship between text and images in print or online, as well as how much room each should have. Graphic designers may turn data into visual visuals and diagrams by adding text, color, and images to make complicated concepts easier to understand. This is crucial for marketing and selling products. A lot of graphic designers work as freelancers but those that decide to work for organizations may earn as much as $90,000 a year.

6. Web Design

The appearance, structure, and functions of websites are created by web designers. A web designer needs to be knowledgeable in both graphic design and computer programming. Web designers collaborate closely with the development team to schedule website changes and set priorities.

Web designers work with clients to make their ideas for websites a reality. A web designer must comprehend the user experience in order to create a site that is simple to use and navigate. Front-end web development languages including HTML, CSS, JQuery, and JavaScript should be mastered by web designers.

Web designers should possess both technical and soft skills, such as proficiency in oral, writing, and presentation skills. A web designer must be able to connect with clients and other stakeholders. While many web designers work as freelancers, some of the top people working for organizations may over $100,000 a year.

7. Project Management

A common organizational structure used by businesses is one where various teams, departments, or team members all focus on the same project or product. Project management skills are the ability to coordinate actions across each of these functions. These team members might be in charge of coordinating with project stakeholders, managing budgets, and maintaining timetables (or various parties interested or invested in the project outcomes).

Consider "project management" to be a blanket word covering the qualities that employers usually cite as valuable: leadership, communication, planning, resiliency, and organizational abilities.

Many professions involve project management, which is crucial as you advance to managerial roles. The salaries for top project managers aren’t bad as well. You could earn over $100,000 a year as you rise to the top with this skill.

8. Content Creation and Management

Writing, editorial and publishing responsibilities fall under the purview of content managers. While duties differ from firm to company, some jobs are constant. They consist of the following; organizing content strategy, implementing the strategy by collaborating with the other team members –  such as the authors and editors, conducting research, keeping an eye on the content's production and dissemination, distributing content across different Internet and social media channels and improving existing content. You should also feel at ease using a variety of content types, such as: blog entries, web content, letters of sale, content on social media and promotional materials.

Writing, editing as well good knowledge of content management system (CMS) are essential skills to excel in this job. The top professionals with these skills may earn up to $100,000 a year or more.

9. Video Filming and Editing

To produce a finished film or video, film/video editors are in charge of working with assets such video camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects.

The editing, effects, and rendering of video motion pictures are the responsibility of film editors.

The director, producers, and other team members will give instructions to the film editor.

In order to make sure you are matching the cinematographer's vision for how a scene should seem in the finished product, you will typically work closely with them.

They will put together uncut video into sequences that tell a coherent, seamless story.

To accomplish this, you'll utilize a variety of programs, like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Media Composer.

The top professionals in this field may earn up to about $120,000 a year.

10. Foreign Language

Knowing how to speak a foreign language fluently can give you a great advantage in your career. You could work as a translator, language teacher, subtitler, actor and other interesting jobs. Top foreign language professionals could earn over $100,000 a month.

This list is not exhaustive and the figures cited are for information purpose only, they are not to be taken as the norm of every individual. Some people much less or more than the figures I have suggested here. However, what is not in doubt is that a lot of money can be made by having these skills in 2022 and coming years – at least, till the end of this decade.

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment.

Financial Tips for Trucking Companies


As with any type of business, smart financial management is key to success in the trucking industry. Trucking businesses often have various different outgoings, and the income directly correlates to how much work is completed each day, which means that success in trucking is all about lowering costs and maximizing work completed. How you go about doing this is not so straightforward, though, so this post will offer a few financial tips for trucking companies that should help them to improve their financial health and achieve higher levels of success. Keep reading for a few financial tips for trucking companies.

List All Regular Expenses

First, it is a good idea to create a list of all the regular expenses that you have. This can be a long list in the trucking industry with a few of the basic regular costs, including: 

-   Fuel

-   Salaries and employee costs

-   Vehicle costs

-   Annual licensing, permits, and documentation

-   Taxes

-   Insurance

-   Professional services

Once you have a list of all your regular expenses, you should then spend time going through each one to find ways to make savings. Crucially, make sure that the quality of the service is not negatively impacted or that you are making work harder for your team. 

Use an Accountant/Accounting Software

Every business needs to maintain completely accurate books, and this is for a few reasons. This can be tricky when you have a fleet of vehicles out completing deliveries each day, which is why it is a smart move to use an accountant or accountingsoftware to manage your books. This will help you to keep on top of your records, identify ways to make savings, and make tax much easier to manage. 

Find Hot Shot Trucking Jobs

In terms of making more money, one of the best ways to do this is to take on hot shot trucking jobs. This is shipping work that is time-sensitive, which means that you can earn a lot more money by completing hot shot trucking jobs. This could be an effective way to boost the amount of money brought into the business each day - just make sure that you will always be able to make the deadline!

Reduce Your Fuel Costs

One of the biggest expenses for a trucking company is fuel, especially at a time when the cost of fuel is rising and showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Therefore, it is smart to find ways to lower your fuel costs. A few ways that you can do this include:

-   Purchasing fuel-efficient trucks

-   Use fuel cards

-   Reduce weight

-   Use tools to track fuel prices

-   Keep vehicles well maintained

-   Improve route planning with software

Hopefully, the financial advice in this post will help you to achieve higher levels of success with your trucking business. Smart financial management is key to success, and there are always steps that you can take to improve your bottom line when working in the trucking industry.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Is Blogging Still Worth Doing?

There’s been a lot of confusion over what exactly a blog actually is. This confusion also extends to many people asking if it is still worthwhile to create a blog nowadays. The simple answer would be a resounding YES!

But let’s dissect the answer a bit deeper...

First of all, what is a blog? A blog is a website specifically created to publish content (most often in the form of posts) that are arranged chronologically. This is in contrast to a news site where the content is arranged by date but typically contains no other posts besides those posted at the top of the home page. With a blog or web log, the content is all in chronological order. Each post also contains its own permanent URL address so that readers can reference the blog post in plain text format indefinitely without having to rely on a search engine since all blog posts are indexed individually via the search engines. That “permanent” link is called an “archive link” or “permalink.” Unlike old websites where published content was static in the sense that it was not being updated, blogs are updated all the time as new blog entries are added over a period of time.

Another unique feature of blogs is that its content can be modified in real time (known as “live editing”) as it is being read. For example, if a blog author wants to change some content as they type their article, they can do so by clicking “edit” at the top of the screen (usually located next to the Publish button) and then make the changes they want to that particular blog entry. Once done, they can click the Save button and the changes will be immediately applied to the entry. This feature also makes blogs better candidates for SEO (search engine optimization) because they can have links directed to their content right from the keywords that are being searched in the search engines and are more visible to searchers because of that. Plus, unlike a static web page where it can only be modified after publishing, bloggers have the ability to update their web pages as they are writing them providing more opportunities for inbound links to their websites by including links to other websites pages within the content of the articles they are writing, as well as their own other websites. This also helps increase the overall domain authority of a website which is very important for SEO purposes. Domain authority is a metric that is used to rank websites based on the number and quality of incoming links to a particular website from other websites – the higher the number and quality of the incoming links, the higher the rank of the website in the search engine rankings.

Blogs are also useful if you want to promote any offer on a website you have without the distractions of distracting graphics on your web page which can get in the way of your website visitors to read the content you consider important.

Ultimately, you can make your blog and effective marketing tool for yourself as a professional or business owner. The amount of effort you put into it might go a long way to decide the kinds of benefit you derive from it. Therefore, you are only limited by yourself in terms of what you can achieve with blogging and it is definitely worth it at this point and is likely to remain so for a very long time. 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Get N1million to Pay for your University Education via the 2022 Dreamers College Fund Scholarship

Dream Rite, a US-based charity with focus on education for young Africans, hereby invites qualified students for the second anniversary of its scholarship programme; the Dreamers College Fund, 2022.

Who can apply?

  • Secondary school final year students
  • Secondary school graduates who are less than 25

Scholarship coverage

  • Tuition fees for the higher institution of their choice
  • Other relevant academic expenses
  • Mentoring

Scholarship value

  • N1,000,000 per winner

Application Deadline

Scholarship application opened on 1 June 2022 and closes 15 July 2022. Now closes 31 July 2022.

To apply

Please visit the scholarship application page to apply. For more instructions on how to register and submit an application, please click here.

You can also watch the video guide below:

Important Note

You will be required to write two essays of a minimum of 250 words each as part of the application process. Please get handy your essays on the topics below

1. Describe your vision of where you will be and what you would have achieved in the next 10 years.

2. What do you hope to achieve from a college degree and how would you evaluate the success of your college education?

We encourage secondary school teachers and teachers’ networks to share this with their final year students and recent school leavers.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Are You Going to Allow N500 Prevent You from Being Successful?

We all want to be successful and live a comfortable life where we can enjoy the good things with our family and friends but many of us do not take action. Would you like to know how you can effectively change your life for the better -- right here, right now in Nigeria?

My name is Abdulkabir Olatunji and I am a tech enthusiast and my enthusiasm has seen me work for companies like Uber, Indriver and others I am not allowed to mention for confidentiality. This is aside from being a Google Certified Project Manager and an Associate of the Nigerian Institute of Management (AMNIM). I am also a co-founder and COO of which is Nigeria’s leading career guidance and mentoring platform – we have trained thousands of young Nigerians to excel in their career.

Over the years, I have noticed a huge gap between the dreams of young Nigerians and the steps they are taking to achieve them. Sure, millions graduate from Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education each here. Yes, many seek admission and travel abroad to study and hopefully get to live a better life abroad. Of course, many just hustle to Japa to Canada, Yankee and others. Japa na Japa!

However, these form a minute percentage of the majority of young Nigerians and I won’t get into the debate about whether those that have Japa are always successful or not. My focus is on HOW YOU CAN MAKE A GOOD LIFE FOR YOURSELF IF YOU ARE IN NIGERIA. My reason for this is simple, I am Nigeria-based and the information I am willing to share with you will open your eyes to ways you can live comfortably in Nigeria and if you can live comfortably in Nigeria, you can live comfortably anywhere in the world you decide to relocate to. Just make it here first to avoid stories that touch.

So, what do I have for you?

Imagine you could find out the following:

  • How to get training from big tech companies for big jobs for free

  • How you can build a successful career without a university degree or tertiary education using tech
  • How to retain your career and maintain a thriving side hustle using tech
  • How to build a successful business using tech
  • How to help your children or younger ones become very successful quickly using tech
  • How to reduce your stress and achieve cool work-life balance using tech

  • How to get into the tech industry with no experience

Remember the roles I mentioned that I hold? You might not believe it but I can do all of them working from home. In fact, sometimes it is more productive to work from home than go to the office. Some companies will even tell you not to come. My health and lifestyle has improved greatly with this flexibility and freedom while still earning a good income often better than those doing traditional 9-5 work.

Dear reader, in this post Covid-19 era, it is those that adapt quickly to change that will benefit from it the most. Those that don’t will struggle and will still have to leave their job someday even if it is through retirement.

I have compiled most of what I know in my eBook titled: How to Make it Big with the Big Global Tech Companies in Nigeria

This is a straightforward e-book with several links to so many great opportunities you cannot afford to miss out on. I have been selling this book for N1,200 on Selar previously but I have had a mind shift after completing Ramadan and Eid. I want to help more people, the more people I help, the more blessings I can expect from God too.

People paying N1,200 for this eBook

So, instead of N1200, I am going to sell it, right here, right now for N500. Yes, you read right if you pay right now to my bank account:

Olatunji Abdulkabir Olajide

Send me the screenshot of payment via WhatsApp on 08085404500. I will send this life-changing book  to you via email or WhatsApp, whatever you decide.

Buyer's reaction after reading the ebook

There’s probably a voice there telling you not to buy or make payment – don’t listen to it. Do not allow N500 get in the way of your success. This opportunity might never come your way again. As the popular adage goes-
Opportunity Only Comes But Once.

This my good mood won’t last forever. Act Now!

I look forward to hearing from you my friend and share in your success and testimonies in the near future.

Let us succeed together!

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