Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My Story: How to Make it Big with the Big Global Tech Companies in Nigeria


Earlier in December 2021, I completed my Google Project Management Certification. It's actually 6 certificates in one and allows me to compete to manage any project -- from your wedding to constructing a new Island or building the Metaverse. All are projects and our teachers are Google staff. Not quite Harvard but great stuff.

Was it tough to complete? Well, you have to be focused and motivated. This way, it's a lot easier and it's not something you can't understand.

Google has other professional certifications too and they are designed to make you a 21st century ready professional.

These and other opportunities exist for those willing to act on information.

My eBook detailing these and other opportunities for Nigerians especially is now available. Don't come on social media and whine all day about lack of opportunities, you can begin to improve your life, right here, right now!

Take action, move forward with your life by getting this straightforward no time-wasting guide with links to life-changing opportunities you can access in Nigeria or other parts of the world.

You can get my eBook for a discounted price of N1,200 before it goes up to N1,500 (my preferred price). I will also throw-in my Blogging guide for free to encourage you and invest in you because you are investing in yourself.

Reach me on WhatsApp via +2348085404500 to discuss more.




Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Let Me Give You a Solution if You Don't have a Car to Start Uber in Nigeria

You don't have a car for Uber? No problem, this post is most likely what you need.

eTaxi is a job from the gig economy that many people are entering because it is relatively easy to enter and fast to make decent money from. 

However, many young people have a major hurdle which is not having a car to start working with. This situation became worse a few years ago when a lot of fleet owners left some of the platforms due to increased commissions. 

There is hope though, Moove Africa, transportation startup in affiliation with Uber is giving out cars to drivers that have valid license and have been registered and approved by Uber. Of course, not every candidate that applies gets a car but for those who do, there is the option of working on rental or hire purchase. 

Let us look a bit more about these options:

Moove Flexi-Rental

As the name suggest, this is a rental arrangement. You pay Moove a weekly rental fee to drive a new car on Uber. 

Moove Drive-To-Own

With this package, you sign-up to a payment plan to complete the agreed price of the vehicle in 30, 36 or 48 months. Of course, there are terms and conditions attached and both sides have to agree to this hire purchase arrangement.

Depending on your objectives or financial capacity, one of these options might be good for you. The good news if you are interested is that I am an Uber Hero (Brand Ambassador) and I can begin the process of you getting registered on Uber if you contact me. 

I can be reached via WhatsApp or phone call on 08085404500.

Please note that this opportunity is currently only available in Lagos. I will update you if it is extended to other Nigerian cities. 

Honestly, if you have not employment and can drive, this is an opportunity you should not ignore. All the best in your endeavours and as you try to make ends meet.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

How to Start Work as an Uber Driver in Nigeria (Simplified)

Uber was the first international e-Taxi company to register its presence in Nigeria and till today it is still the name that most Nigerians use to describe the entire business regardless of the app they use. For anybody looking to earn considerable income from e-Taxi business in Nigeria, signing up on Uber is a good way to go. 

In this post, I am going to help you simplify the process as an Uber Hero (representative) in Nigeria. 

There are a few things you need to know:

1. Uber registers fleet owners: these are people that have themselves qualified to drive on Uber and then added cars to form a fleet. They may then decide to exclusively manage their fleet or drive a car and oversee other cars in their fleet.

2. Uber registers partner-drivers: these are drivers with their own cars or they have acquired on hire purchase. 

3. Uber registers drivers: These are people with valid licenses that are at least 21 years and have passed the situational survey and successfully completed virtual instruction. They do not have cars and are yet to be added to a fleet at this stage.  This begs the question; why should you even bother to register on Uber if you do not have a car to drive yet?

Let me give you a few reasons:

i. It establishes you as a qualified driver that can be supported or empowered with a vehicle provided you have the integrity to go with your driving skill.

ii. It gives you the opportunity to work with a company called Moove. They offer cars on rental and hire purchase to qualified Uber drivers. 

Now, what do you need to get started if you want to be a registered driver (No.3)?

1. A valid driver's license.

2. Willingness to drive in cities where Uber currently operates which are: Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Ibadan, Calabar and Port Harcourt.

3. A recent smartphone with minimum of 2gb RAM, the higher the better.

4. Contact me via WhatsApp on 08085404500 to register you for free. These are the three things I will ask from you:

i. Your First Name:

ii. Your Surname:

iii. Your active phone number on your smartphone: 

I will put you through and educate you on what you need to complete the process. 

Once you are activated as a driver, you can talk to Moove or any other party that can give you a car to work with. 

Now, lets look at the requirements for those looking to get onboarded on Uber and already have their cars. 

These are the requirements to get your car Uber in Nigeria.

Car Specifications for Uber in Nigeria

  • Model year 2000 or newer
  • 4-door car
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • A working radio

Your paperwork

  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Roadworthiness certificate
  • A valid Hackney permit

These are requirements in addition to what has been listed for drivers above. To be a fleet owner, you still need to register as a partner-driver first, so complete this process and add your first vehicle details before applying to run  a fleet. 

All of this can be confusing for a newbie but you can contact me on 08085404500 and we could get you working on Uber if you have your car and documents intact in 36 hours. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Honesty Can Get You Out of Poverty this Eid Ul Adha (Ileya)

 Are you a young man feeling frustrated about life because you can't find a job or the one you have earns you little and you can barely save N1,000 at the end of the month?

 Let me give you an idea of what you can do this Eid ul Adha (Ileya) season. A lot of your successful kinsmen and neighbours will be more accessible around this time, whether you are celebrating Eid in your home town or city. Find time to socialize with them and be helpful to them. Ensure, that you let them know that before they leave town you just want their advice and assistance on an idea you have to better your life.

 Pitch the idea of them facilitating your access to a car to do e-taxi work, let them know that your 5-year plan out of poverty involves working to earn money from this business either by paying the car owner rental or purchasing the vehicle on hire purchase over 2-3 years.

 This is where your honesty comes to play. The investor would be interested in knowing if you are trustworthy and will not run away with the car, misuse the vehicle and  do other things to cheat them and break your agreement. You are likely to need guarantors, again, it is your trustworthiness that will encourage people to stand for you.

 Of course, you need to be a good driver and have a license for this to be feasible but you can always work on these if they are lacking. You might need to talk to a few people before finding anybody, but don't be discouraged by initial scepticism or rejection, keep asking, keep trying and of course, pray for divine intervention.

 You are not interested in e-taxi? No problem, replicate the same process with whatever you need to do to make progress in life;  be-it a scholarship or a business grant.

 Leverage on your honesty and keep to agreements, your breakthrough might not be far away with dedication and commitment to work.

 My name is Abdulkabir Olatunji and I register first timers with accepted cars on Uber. Contact me on 08085404500 if you are interested.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Find Out if Your Smartphone is Good for Uber Driver Work

Getting started on eTaxi business especially Uber can be very exciting for a newbie. However, your enthusiasm could be dampened if you find out that your device is not allowed on Uber. But not to worry, I will help you with the list of phones that Uber has banned for drivers and the list of other requirements that the smartphone you want to use to work on this globally-renowned e-hailing platform.

·                     Smartphones Banned by Uber for Drivers

Operating System




Infinix X510

Infinix Hot 2


Infinix X5010

Infinix mobile - X5010 (2018)



Tecno Spark 2



Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)


Infinix X572

INFINIX mobile(NOTE 4) (2017)



Apple Iphone 5s (2013)



Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (2016)



Apple iPhone 6 Plus (2014)



Techno mobile L8 (lite) (2017)



Samsung Galaxy S5 (2015)



Nokia 5



Samsung Galaxy S7 (2016)


Infinix HOT 4 Pro

Infinix mobile - Infinix HOT 4 Pro (2017)


Infinix HOT 3

Infinix HOT 3


Infinix HOT 4 Lite

Infinix HOT 4 Lite



TECNO Pouvoir 2


Infinix X624B

Infinix HOT 7



Gionee F103L


Nexus 5

Nexus 5



Tecno F2



Tecno Camon



Iphone 7



Apple Iphone 5C (2013)



Huawei Y7 2019



Tecno Camon 11



Tecno W2



Tecno Camon CX Air



Samsung Galaxy J7 2017


HTC One_M8

HTC One M8

Also, there is a list of technical specifications your smartphone should have.

  • Minimum Technical Requirements for Smartphones

Hardware Type

Minimum Configuration

Android Version

Android 6.0 and newer

Sim Slots

Only one (Single) sim slot NO dual sim devices


Minimum Ram of 2 GB

Processor Brand

Two Approved processor brands. Snapdragon Mediatek

Minimum Processor Model

Snapdragon Model:630 Mediatek Model:Helio P Series - P10

Processor Cores

Minimum of an 8 Core processor also referred to as Octa Core

Processor Speed (GHz)

Minimum processor speed of 2 GHZ

Benchmark Score

Minimum GeekBench Score 4.1 - 600 (Single core) 4000 (multi core)

Screen Size

Minimum screen size of 4.7 Inch / 60.9 cm2

Location Hardware

Device must have both A-GPS and GLONASS chips internally

There you have it, ensure that you have the required phone before trying to do Uber. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Best Ways to Buy a Car on Hire Purchase for Uber (e-Taxi) Business in Nigeria

The e-taxi business popularly called 'Uber' in Nigeria is one that many people have either engaged in or would like to be engaged in. For many people trying to get into the business, a big barrier to entry is to cost of purchasing cars. Renting cars and paying weekly returns to the car owner is an option but that is fraught with problems of mistrust that usually leads to arguments over payments to the car owner and who is to pay for maintenance. 

Having interacted with many drivers who are eager to work but cannot afford to buy cars outright, I did some research and present to you what I consider the best options for those trying to buy used cars on hire purchase for Uber and e-taxi business in general. 

Best Hire Purchase Options in Nigeria

1. Autocheck.Africa

This platform has a wide array of foreign used cars available with their vehicle inspection result detailed, right from the listings, you are told what is right about the car and what is wrong with it. You can go for inspection with your mechanic and also test drive the car at the Autocheck.Africa facility.

Getting finance for the car and being able to take possession takes the following 4 steps:

How to Get a Car on Hire Purchase from Autocheck.Africa

Step 1: Complete a short form and get personalised cars to choose from

Step 2: Select a car and review the terms of finance.

Step 3: Apply for a loan and receive personalized offers.

Step 4: Accept a loan offer and drive home your dream car.

Because you are getting a car that you reasonably understand its pros and cons, this is an attractive option that many drivers might consider with the bonus of being able to pay for the car in installments after getting financing to acquire it.


This is another platform similar to the first. They are ready to provide financing to drivers who own a car or have a structured registered business. These are the steps required if you are interested:

How to Get a Car on Hire Purchase from Betacar.Ng

Step 1: Search available cars to select your preferred car.

Step 2: Use the simple car loan calculator on your selected car to check the upfront deposit required, the monthly repayment, and the period of payment.

Step 3: Click on "Apply for Loan" button and fill the pre-approval assessment form.

Step 4: You will get an approval or rejection email within 10 minutes.

Step 5: If approved, you will get an email listing the documents needed, so start preparing all your documents.

Step 6: Visit Betacar HQ office for inspection and test drive.

Step 7: Scan all required documents and submit as a reply to the email address (

Step 8: team will review and let you know once your application package is completed ... And you are all set.

According to, your car could be ready for pick-up in 1 week after submission of all required documents. 


This is another platform ready to give cars to salary earners who register with it to get a car for Uber. They say they prefer Toyota Corolla.

How to Get a Car on Hire Purchase from Betacar.Ng

Step 1: Fill out our online application form in details

Step 2: Get pre-verified. Provide proof of income/ evidence of salary domiciliation.

Step 3: Start Payment of N150,000. The rest payments will be spread in 12 months period

Step 4: Pick the car you want from any of our approved dealer partners. Provide a proforma invoice for your car of choice.

Step 5: Sign and drive away! requires a down-payment of N150,000 to get started on its hire purchase scheme and you have 12 months to complete payment for the car.


Nairaland is Nigeria's largest online forum and you can find people doing just about any business you can think of there. There are drivers and car owners there trying to link to each other and you can register to express your interest in getting a car on hire purchase.

How to Get a Car on Hire Purchase on

Step 1: Register an account

Step 2: Search for threads on buying cars on hire purchase like this one.

Step 3: Express your interest on the thread and give details of how you can be contacted. You can also contact owners to have a meeting with you where you can agree on  terms of hire purchase agreement and when to start.

This is more of one-on-one conversation and as such, you should take all security precautions like only meeting with people on a major road and verifying any office address before visiting to ensure that it is a legit location. Nairaland has good and bad people, it is up to you to screen and carefully scrutinize any offer that is made to you..

There you have it folks, if you are someone wanting to enter the Uber (e-taxi) model of business, you might want to contact me. I am a confirmed Uber recruiter and I can help you set-up your account in really quick time for free. 

Reach me via call or WhatsApp on 08085404500 and let us see how we can help you get started as soon as possible.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

My Uber story and how you can start yours

If I say I have many ogas, it is not an exaggeration because I work with so many people and institutions. Some have been dropped over the years and some are still active. Our levels of engagement vary from director, consultant, partner, recruiter and so on.

I recognized over a decade ago that I am not the type of person you will give one job and try to control like an automaton. The oga that tried it about 13 years ago was dancing in his seat the day I told him I was leaving. Apparently, nobody had told him the things I had politely told him that night, no one else probably will.

I digress, this post is really about the e-taxi business. The last 10 years has seen us move from corporate coloured cabs to ride-sharing platforms. I partnered with Indriver as a recruiter in 2019 and it gave me so many insights into the business. Even after they stopped paying me for my services, I kept helping people to address the problems they were having getting on their platform -- for free. We are talking about taking about 10 calls plus multiple WhatsApp messages on some days. I did this for primarily 2 reasons:

1. To know the business to a point of being relevant in the industry.

2. As a form of personal social responsibility -- every person I help to get on the platform has dependants they can better-provide for with the job. If you can add value to others without detriment to yourself, do it.

Now, the thing about adding value to others is that it builds authority and authority attracts value to you. It happened that some representatives of Uber saw what I do and decided to contact me to do it for them. My response? "Why not gentlemen?".

So, in the last few weeks we did our onboarding and I am pleased to let you know that I am officially a recruiter for Uber.

Driver I helped register giving feedback on approval

My job is to identify interested and potential drivers to join the platform and help them start successfully. This is at my own time and pace within what is acceptable to Uber.

So, dear friends, if you or anyone have a car that qualifies and are ready for Uber, you can contact me. Call or WhatsApp 08085404500. I am ready to help you get started on your Uber journey.

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