Friday, April 6, 2012

Expanding a business

Expanding your business should increase its profits
Businesses in general have the major objective of maximizing profits so that their shareholders or owners can have a high return on their investment. However, it usually gets to a point that for a business to continue to remain profitable, it has to expand its operations to take advantage of larger volume of sales and turnover.

There are several methods of expanding a business such as merger and acquisition, joint ventures, product diversification as well as forward and backward integration. However, whatever method an organization selects for its expansion there are certain factors that have to be considered.

First, the management of the company has to decide if there is adequate capital to finance its expansion or if they have to seek additional funding. If the company is going to need additional capital in what form will it come; debt or equity? If the capital is in the form of a debt what is the explicit and implied cost? As for equity, what will it mean for the ownership structure of the company? Once these questions are addressed the company can then decide on whether or not it wants to raise additional capital to finance its expansion.

Another issue to address is the capacity of the organization to scale-up its operations without hitches. There will be a need to invest in facilities such as new factories, machinery, office and equipment. There might also be a need to employ new workers or integrate some from a company that is being joined in a merger or being acquired.

Ultimately, expansion of a business must guarantee increased profitability for it to be worthwhile. Hence, there is a need to be patient and ensure that the right strategy and decision is taken for the company long term.

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