Monday, May 13, 2013

How not to make money

There are probably more than a million manuals out there on how to make money. I am not sure there are many that teach how not to make money. This is an indication of how important money is to the majority of people living on our planet. However, there are a few people who would rather do without money for varying reasons... I am not going into all of that detail; it would bore you and probably bore me more, up to the point that I might not finish this article and I do want to finish it.

Let us look at ways not to make money:
1. Do not work: Yeah! You read right, do not work. People get paid for work done and the assumption is that the work they do delivers value to one or more people. Hence, if you do not want to make money, do not work; do not add value to anybody.

2. Spend all your remaining money on consumables: I am sure before reading this really useful guide, you had probably made some money in one way or the order. Now, having money at hand is dangerous because you could invest it and generate even more money, which is not what we want. We want you broke without a kobo, penny or whatever the smallest unit of currency in your current location is. So, what is left for you to do? Spend all that money on consumables- things that disappear, diminish, vanish as you use them, a great example is food of course. You have a plate of fried rice and chicken one moment and in the next it is gone. How do you manage that you ask? You eat it of course. By the time you spend your remaining money on consumables, you are sure to be dead broke; just like you always wanted.

3. Do not beg for or receive money as charity: Now that we are sure you are dead broke, the last thing we want is for some do-gooders to dash-out money to you in the form of charity. Yes, that is right; without working or caring for money, some people will still insist on giving it to you for free. Well, not totally for free because it actually makes them feel good. There you go again- working and adding value to other people. You really need to stop that. Hence, you must avoid charities and charitable people by all means.

If you follow these simple rules, you are sure within reason outside of a miracle of humongoumonumental (a new word I created) proportions to be without money. 

Whether that is a great thing or not might be debatable because some people think money makes the world go round- quite ridiculous! 

Let us do a quick review of how not to make money again; do not work, spend all of your remaining money on consumables and do not accept free money from charitable organizations or individuals.

Yup! You’ve got it.

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