Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nigeria's Petroleum Refining Capacity is Now 10milllion Litres- Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has been reviewing Nigeria's energy sector and taking stock of what he considers to be immediate achievements. Read them below...

In January last year, I had cause to brief our nation on my determination to sanitize the oil industry in order that it would be run in a most businesslike manner such that Nigeria receives value for her God given resources and investments. I had earlier taken strong action with regard to the power sector. The goal was to arrive at the destination of self-sufficiency where waste and inefficiency is eliminated and electricity is available to meet the needs of our citizens.

I have received briefings that previously closed petroleum depots have been reopened or are about to be reopened nationwide and as at today, our domestic refining capacity has peaked at over 10 million liters per day which is our highest level in decades. Nigeria is now is on the road to meeting her fuel consumption needs domestically. Simultaneously, I have also received encouraging reports on the progress made in bringing suspects found wanting during the fuel subsidy probe to book and in accordance with the rule of law.

Two weeks ago, I hosted the Presidential Power Reform Transactions Signing Ceremony. The five power generation companies that emerged successful in the bidding process of the privatization of the sector received their certificates and are set to run their companies in a way as to guarantee electricity for domestic and industrial use even as the world is celebrating the transparent bidding process that culminated in the signing.

I want to assure you my friends on facebook that we shall put the darkness of these past decades behind us in no distant time. We shall only keep a forward movement in the critical sectors of our economy and may Almighty God help us all.
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