Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to trap a rat

Rats are one of the most hated and burdensome pests known to man. They steal our food, urinate and defecate in it. They even eat vital documents and nibble at us too if given the opportunity.

Perhaps, most importantly, they spread diseases like the deadly Lassa fever which has become common in recent times in Nigeria.

I frequently trap and sometimes outrightly kill rats in my home.

I reckon the killing part might be difficult to achieve for many. Hence, I will talk about trapping rats.

First, you get a mouse glue trap popularly called 'story book' in Nigeria.

Secondly, carefully observe the food that the rat(s) eat the most- dry fish, bread or in my case kulikuli. In addition, try and observe the rat(s) especially at night, they tend to have favourite spots as well as defined pathways.

To trap the rat(s), open your mouse trap, add some of their favourite food to it. The mouse glue trap is preferred here because you do not risk injury to yourself and other people by getting your fingers or toes caught like the conventional traps.

After placing food on the trap, place it on the previously identified pathway that the rat(s) use. Place an heavy object on one of the trap's edges. To ensure that there is no daring escape by the rat once caught.

All you need to do now is wait.

If after trying for 3 nights you do not succeed in catching a rat. Review the entire process and select new food and pathway.

Before long, you are likely to catch a rat.

Let me know how well you fare in your quest to catch a rat by dropping a comment below.


  1. What "humane" ways do you know? Kindly share. The objective is to remove them from the home...

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