Monday, August 5, 2013

Cannabis found in Council Flower Pots

That Cannabis is about to become a rather popular plant seems to be out of the question because a rather macabre global movement wants to make it a legal-to-use drug and you can just imagine the consequences. I think you can relate this story within that context...

Cannabis plants found growing in flower pots in Newport

Cannabis plants found growing in flower pots in Newport
Source: Wales Online

'New-pot in bloom': Cannabis plants found growing in Newport Council flower pots

Experts say the plants found among flowers in six planters in Newport city centre were likely to be a teenage prank, as the council says it will investigate.
It was high time gardeners did some weeding when cannabis was found in council flower pots.

About 20 plants could be seen sprouting from among flowers in six separate boxes in Newport city centre – passed by thousands of motorists every day and half a mile from the city’s main police station.

Shopkeepers Dean Beddis and Steve Reynolds spotted the crooked crops as they walked home after a pint.
Dean, who runs the town’s Kriminal Records, said: “I had never seen cannabis growing in the wild before so it was crazy to see it.

“We thought Newport was trying to be a new Amsterdam and doing its best to win City in Bloom.
“It’s actually rather a beautiful plant and stood out wonderfully.

“But they have gone now. I don’t know who took them.

“Either the council spotted them or some young type has spotted them and put them in his garden.”
They vanished after WalesOnline took its snaps.

Source: Wales Online

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