Monday, January 27, 2014

Crazy! Man Runs into Burning Home to Save Xbox

He did not dash into his burning home to save a wife, child not even cat but an Xbox? This guy needs mental evaluation...

Man runs into burning building to rescue his Xbox

A CHAP HAS MADE THE NEWS by running into a burning house to rescue his Xbox.

The unnamed Kansas man had such a protective spirit for the Microsoft games console that we think he should be placed at the helm of the firm immediately.

It is a certainty that he would retain the the Xbox business, something that cannot be said for any of the potential Microsoft CEO candidates.

We do not know whether it was an Xbox One or an Xbox 360, but let us assume that it was the former, which is far more expensive than the latter and was released only fairly recently.

ABC News 15 has a short report on the incident. It said that our hero woke up during the night to find himself in a burning house. He legged it outside, naturally, but then found he was without his trusty games console.

Possibly because he was deeply involved in playing first person shooters or Minecraft, he threw caution to the winds and dashed back into the inferno.

Although he did manage to rescue the games console, we hope that he didn't have to dig too deep behind the telly for the cables. He did suffer some smoke inhalation, which can happen if you run into a house that's on fire.

Paramedics checked him and said that he was fine. It is unknown whether the kerbside consultation turned into a Playstation versus Xbox debate.

According to fire officials, a faulty fuse box sparked the fire and caused about $80,000 damage. If not for the quick thinking of this brave man, it likely would have been around $80,500.

Source: The Inquirer

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