Monday, January 20, 2014

South African Fans Flay Bafana Bafana after Defeat to Nigeria

Africans in general are very passionate about football and if there is one team that South Africans would love to beat silly in football, it is the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Bafana Bafana have never defeated the Super Eagles in 7 competitive matches with the last being last night's 1-3 loss to the Super Eagles. So, how have South Africans taken this latest defeat?

Bafana Bafana fans

A look at some of the comments from popular South African websites give us an insight: Kgomotso Motshwane  from Johannesburg, Gauteng asks on Supersport website: "What's happening to SA football?"

There was a hotter discussion on Sport24's website: Bantu Jonginamba wrote: "I hate igesund,bafana and the damn adminstrators.How can we be humiliated like this.The technical staff,the whole lot,has to go.They have ran out of ideas. (sic)".

Niel van der Walt asks: "Theyve(sic) had like 500 coaches in the last decade, at what point do you accept the players just cant play soccer?"
Responding to some commentators attacking President Jacob Zuma for the loss, Jack Du Preez notes: "Zuma or no Zuma, Igesund or no Igesund our standard of soccer is pathetic. International agents don't even search for players in SA. If we loose(sic) like this how could we even dream of a World Cup?" 

Another fan Wade Johnson had harsh words for Bafana Bafana, he wrote, "What a bunch of pathetic losers Bafana are. Not even the best coach in History can get these useless players to compete on an International level. For a country that's 'Football Crazy', we sure suck at it."

To end this post, a piece of advice from a Nigerian commenting on the result seems very apt indeed.
Tomiwa Adetola wrote: "I think you need to adopt the name The Men The Men for a change may be they would start playing like one."  

There you have it South Africans, if you want your national football team to play like men and be in the upper echelon of the game, you might want to change the teams name from "Bafana Bafana" (The boys, The boys) to something else, can I suggest the "Super Chickens"? 


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