Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How to Shop Like a Pro in Lagos

What are you looking out to buy? Wears, jewelries or groceries? Whichever your choice is, there are some tactics required to ensure you get the best value for your money. Especially if you are not shopping in a boutique or supermarket where everything is price tagged.
If you are one that loves to explore, visiting markets in Lagos to shop – it can be fun, cumbersome, annoying and frustrating, but you are bound to find a lot of marvelous things you will love at fair prices.
Now find some below steps to Shopping like a Pro
  • Your first attitude towards the seller
This will go a long way and affect your rapport in the bidding process, this is no time to act bossy and rude, be courteous and friendly, and make the seller feel at ease. Trust me, if you act bossy, then you price ridiculously, some sellers would not hesitate to shun you rudely right there with some really harsh and mean words.
  • Don’t act too overly excited about the item you are about to purchase
Once you see something you like, don’t give the seller the idea you are too into it, it will give them an upper hand with the price and bidding process. Remain neutral and calm.
  • Weigh the money value of what you are buying
Subconsciously, you think of a price an item is worth by mere touching of the material, the style and designer. Here the seller either confirms your expectations, calls a lower or higher price. Even if the price falls within expectation, you can still bid for a lower price – doesn’t hurt.
  • The Bidding Process
Bidding your way through to get an item can take a lot of time – you are bidding while the seller is persuading you to buy at a particular price because he can’t cut down the price anymore. At this juncture, either of these three is true:
  • You know well the item is good at the price the seller has called but you are trying to press your luck to get it cheaper.
  • The amount is too ridiculously expensive for you to pay for the item.
  • You do not have up to the amount the seller is requesting.
At this point try the “walk away tactic”, but before you leave tell him the last price you have, if he will sell he will definitely call you back once you are about to leave, this tactic works in most cases.
Remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that will allow you move freely around the market.
Now go doing some shopping like a pro!

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