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The Super 10-Easy-Steps Guide to Making Money from Blogging

Many people wonder if they can make a considerable amount of money online with all sorts of options like Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Selling E-books, Making Videos, Social Media Management, Domain Flipping, a long list of other activities and last but not least Blogging. This post focuses on blogging with a clear guide for you as a newbie to blogging or even an experienced blogger who is not making sufficient money yet. You can read my detailed post on SEO here as well.


  1. Research and Decide Your Niche

A niche is a targeted part of a larger market that has its own unique characteristics. You have to decide if you want to be a general blogger who blogs about anything that tickles his fancy (difficult to pull-off by the way) a food, fashion, travel, tech, specific industry or activity blogger. Ask yourself: what am I passionate about? That thing you can spend hours upon hours researching, discussing, working or writing on without getting bored.

There might be a few of this and you should take your time to consider and decide which one you are the most proficient at. Your expertise on a subject is important in building your authority as a blogger. Once you have identified your favourite subject or area of expertise, you should search for some of the leading blogs in that field and study them. A simple Google search with the phrase ‘top blogs on cooking’ for example should give you a list of leading blogs related to cooking in the results if that is your identified niche. Do the same for whatever your passion is.

2. Create Your Blog

Now that you have identified your niche, it is time to create your blog. There are 2 major blogging platforms you should consider when you want to create your blog:

i. WordPress WordPress gets a lot of praise for its ease of use and availability of plugins you can use to easily customize and add features that are important to you. There are 2 versions of WordPress; and

If you are starting blogging with very limited resources, it is better to start with and your blog could be ready in minutes. However, if you have funds to work with and set-up on a larger scale, you should consider using as it has better features and allows you do more especially considering that fact that you might not be able to fully commercialize a blog as much as you would like. You might need the services of a web designer to effectively use alternatively, you could use managed Wordpress hosting which is a bit more expensive than normal hosting plans.

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ii. Blogger Blogger is owned by Google and it is a very easy platform to start blogging with. It has a very simple layout for blogging although there are themes that can give you elegant designs if this is what you want. The major advantage of Blogger is that it allows you to begin blogging as a newbie without complexity. Another advantage is that it is easy to commercialize your Blog with Google AdSense (more on this later).

3. Create Blog Posts

It is highly recommended that you write your own articles as a newbie blogger. For starters, it is important you create your own writing style that readers can begin to identify and relate with. A good idea for your first post is an introduction –tell your readers about yourself, what you seek to achieve by starting the blog and what they should expect from you as a blogger. This should be done in a conversational manner and you should make this post as interesting as possible for your readers and ask them to react with their comments giving you feedback and initial engagement with your readers. 

Prepare yourself for all sorts of responses ranging from kind words of encouragement to vile and unfair insults; it comes with the job as a blogger. You have the option of deleting objectionable comments that are in bad taste. However, you should not do this with fair and objective criticism; it is meant to help you become a better blogger.

Your next few posts after the first should be topical and insightful. This helps you to gain traction and begin to establish a small but growing following.

4. Establish Your Social Media Accounts and Share Blog Posts

It is not enough to write and post content on your blog and expect traffic (people to come read it). You should create social media accounts and promote your content on them. At the very least, you should promote your blog and articles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have mentioned these 3 so as not to discourage you with a seemingly huge workload. Sharing your content on social media can be made easier with tools like Hootsuite, AgoraPulse and Buffer (see ranking by users for 2016) which allow you to schedule posts across different social media platforms.

As you gain more experience and capacity, you should promote your content on other social media platforms like Google+, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Reddit, WhatsApp and lots more. You might be proficient at some more than others and it is better for you to focus on the ones that you have had some degree of success on.
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  1. Dear Adult kabir,
    I have did all the steps since 2011.
    I haven't seen an increase in my traffic. Except for personal reference. And I don't see the part where you can earn.through it as your heading states

    1. Hello Ahsan,

      Very nice to read from you, can I have the link to your website please? It will help me understand the problems more. As for earning money, there is Google Adsense, Infolinks, selling your skills through your blog and lots more listed in the post.

  2. Please am an upcoming blogger and I started blogging I think october and when I check my earning what I see is sign up for adsense and when I want to sign up after confirming my gmail account then the next step shows my blog url and I am asked to input my blog language and after that when I click on save and continue it does not open to the last page please can u help me

    1. Have you tried to register with Adsense directly via If you have not please try to do so.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Replies
    1. Try changing the device and browser you are using. If that fails, you can visit!topic/adsense/HOLvvhVUDNU to see if the tips here are useful to you.

  5. Ads is not showing on my mobile version of blogger but showing on web version how do I go about it? My site is

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  7. Hi Abdulkabir Olatunji,
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    I need to join a program that i can work with and choosing one out of so many is just a headache that i need to get rid of as soon as possible so i can start promoting the related products. Actually i am an blogger who has only worked with google ads(adsense) so far, even though my blog is only a year and half old but i have gained a lot of traffic and following recently. I want to integrate with affiliate marketing asap, but i have no slightest idea what program i should join. I write on different stuff so basically i need multi niche product feed to promote. Here in UK we have many programs but i have no insight on any of them. However i came across some attractive ones like this revglue company that offers free CMS and 100% commission on sales made once subscribed to their data.. it was eye catching. If you can give your opinion/suggestion that would be really great.

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