Monday, June 24, 2019

Apres Announces the Launch of its Platform to Create AI Training Data Using AI

Apres is a startup using AI to create training data for businesses

Apres recently announced the launch of its new platform to train AI models using deep learning. Apres creates AI training tools that learn from labeled data to help companies radically reduce the cost of creating and maintaining AI applications. The Apres platform offers both self-serve and managed labeling solutions -- giving companies a convenient way to scale labeling on their terms.

Apres Dashboard

With Apres, companies can leverage the labeled data they already have -- created on or off the platform -- into high performance AI training automations. These automations can be integrated into a model to enrich low confidence results, through custom API endpoints, or used to create labeled data on-demand. Users can improve their automations with pretrained datasets on common machine learning themes in technology, business, finance, marketing, and health, all within Apres’ own solutions library. The library is accessible within the platform and custom API endpoints.

By adding active learning to the labeling process, Apres helps companies more intelligently create training data and collect insights. Apres then produces training reports with each batch to help companies optimize their training process, giving them deeper control of model quality.

Apres Co-founder/CEO Matt Waite

“We want to make it easier for developers and companies to build and maintain artificial intelligence applications. With both deep learning technology and infrastructure becoming more accessible, training and support become the core bottlenecks. By shifting from human to mechanical support we hope to make developing intelligence more accessible and economical for everyone,” said Matt Waite, Co-founder and CEO.

In recent years AI has skyrocketed in popularity. There was over $2 billion invested by companies in 2018 alone, and that number is expected to reach $32 billion by 2025. For most companies, AI has become an important competitive advantage and considered the “next big technology shift”.  With around 80% of a company's time developing machine learning models related to data management, Apres is in the perfect position to facilitate the rise of AI, and help companies scale their applications.

“We want to provide tools that help companies stay ahead in their industry. Thanks to our unique approach, we hope that Apres will become a market leader in a world where data intelligence is more popular and in demand than ever before. Our ultimate goal is to help companies incorporate more people in the training process to help the company scale it’s workforce’s intelligence,” said Waite.

Apres is an AI training platform, on a mission to automate AI training by using a combination of human and machine labeling. The platform learns from your data to seamlessly scale the training process, delivering high-quality results more efficiently than ever before. This includes tools for both textual and object detection use cases, with a library of pretrained models to kick off learning and detailed reports to improve training outcomes.


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