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How to Remove a Fish bone Stuck in Your Throat Naija Style


Fish Soup

You are eating that wonderful meal and then it happens! Seemingly as some sort of final revenge, the bone of the fish you are eating gets stuck in your throat ... Oh! The pain, you can barely talk or breathe without feeling discomfort. So, what do you do?

I have experienced this quite a few times over the years and let me inform you of some of the methods I have used over the years to dislodge fish bones in my throat.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is for information purposes only. I am not a doctor and do not have expertise to treat any medical ailment or emergency. You should go to the hospital if you feel your health is taking a turn for the worse at any point in time. I bear no responsibility or liability for information shared here.

Back to my list of fish bone removal from the throat techniques:

Ways to Remove Fish Bone Stuck in your Throat

1. Quickly move your throat to dislodge the bone.
2. Quickly drink water to flush it down.
3. Quickly eat a boneless part of the meal you were eating to push it done.
4. Eat bread
5. Eat African swallow food.
6. Eat a banana
7. Induce vomiting
8. Olive oil
9. Cough heavily
10. Rice

1. Quickly move your throat to dislodge the bone

Your throat moves food from your mouth to your stomach via a process called peristalsis. You may just be able to move the stuck fish bone down this way.

2. Quickly drink water to flush it down

Water flushes not just toilets; it can flush your throat as well. You may gaggle your mouth with it and swish it down in one smooth movement; the force might just dislodge that stubborn fish bone.

3. Quickly eat a boneless part of the meal you were eating

Your meal might just be what you need to dislodge that bone. Be careful to confirm you are not swallowing additional bones and swallow your food without chewing it properly; the mass might just be enough to dislodge the fish bone and push it into your stomach. Take care not to choke yourself doing this though.

4. Eat bread

Get bread, masticate and soften it a bit and then swallow. It might just help you dislodge the fish bone. Several swallowing attempts might be required.

5. Eat African swallow food

African swallow foods are things like Fufu, Eba, Akpu, Amala, Pounded Yam and wheat meal. They are made into thick meals that are almost solid but with some viscosity. These attributes make them excellent candidates for dislodging fish bones. By the way, if you see an African eating swallow food outside of Africa, just understand that he is eating not committing suicide a la Bright Chimezie's song.

6. Eat a banana

Bananas are really nice and eating a bunch might help you dislodge that bothersome fish bone stuck in your mouth. Just peel, eat not-so-thoroughly and repeat. It might just help you dislodge the bone because it is sticky and semi-solid. Swallowing might just push the fish bone down into your stomach.

7. Induce Vomiting

This might seem disgusting but it might be what you need. When we vomit, the food comes out forcefully and this force might just help you dislodge the fish bone and free you of the pain. You can place your tooth brush on your palate to induce vomiting in the bathroom. Take time to eat something after to replace the lost nutrients from vomiting food.

8. Olive Oil

A teaspoon of olive oil could help you push that fish bone along into your stomach -- problem solved. This is possible because of its stickiness with attaches to the bone and helps to slide it down into the stomach.

9. Cough heavily

Coughing generates a force. This force might dislodge the fish bone from your throat thereby freeing you of the pain.

10. Rice

This staple meal for a large part of the human population may just be the ultimate fish bone removal tool. My reasons for saying this are not farfetched. First, it is soft and sticky which makes it clump together when cooked. This allows it to be swallowed relatively easily in one mass and it can easily push down the bone in any position and part of your throat. Just chew the cooked rice slightly and swallow with a swish. Keep repeating until you feel relieved. You might even feel the bone moving slightly with each swallow until it is fully dislodged.

The site where the fish bone got hooked might hurt for a while but it should get better in a matter of days Godwilling.

Remember, visit the hospital if you feel serious pain or discomfort .

That's it folks, hope you found this helpful.

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment. 

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