Friday, February 3, 2023

Why Strategic Personal Branding is Important and an Amazing Opportunity for You


In this day and age, getting ahead of the competition, whether in business, career or other areas of life requires strategic thinking and action. Don't just do things randomly, do them intentionally. Let me use myself as an example.

I recently became a verified Wharton Interactive Instructor joining top professors, and executive coaches around the world in having such a distinction. In plain English, Wharton, the best Business School in the world agrees that I can guide students to take some of their latest cutting edge online courses. How did I manage to join such exclusive group of leaders? Strategic positioning and branding.

Let me take you through, what many people do not immediately recognise in the modern age is that there is a dual route to career advancement:

1. Academic               

2. Professional.

Many people understand the academic route – go to the university, get one or multiple degrees with good grades and hope to get a job with it. The professional route is less clearly defined, it relies more on your skills and alignment with leading organizations or people in the field. So for someone like me, this means, identifying the areas I wanted to have expertise in, building my knowledge and skill base and then getting professional certifications from the likes of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), Google (I have 7 certifications) and a specialized certificate from the University of New South Wales. These qualifications in addition to being a co-owner and manager of JarusHub, which is Nigeria's No.1 platform for career guidance and mentoring, place me in a strong position for many engagements.

The good news for you my reader is that you can also leverage on the same principles as I have to get ahead of the competition. We are currently taking a few lucky people to take the Wharton Interactive Entrepreneurship Course with JarusHub support. You will be getting complete training and certification from Wharton on entrepreneurship and be getting support from me as your verified instructor to help you navigate the process and gain incisive insights. Whether or not you have strong academic qualifications does not matter as long as you have passion for entrepreneurship. Investors, customers and other stakeholders will respect you more if you have a powerful brand like Wharton attached to your profile. So, don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity and take advantage of our early bird discount before it runs out.

Remember, strategic branding works only when you align yourself with the best of the best. I hope to meet you soon as we have a great time sharing life-changing transformational knowledge about Entrepreneurship.

Click here to register.

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