Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VirtaPay is an Exciting Internet Payment Prospect. Try it today!

Hello, I hardly do this, but I am excited at this prospect and want to
share it with you. Now, anybody who has some level of understanding of using
the internet knows that you can buy and sell things online. However, due to
the dubious nature of some of our Nigerian brethren, Paypal the world's
number one online payment merchant or processor does not allow Nigerians or
more appropriately residents of Nigeria register with it. This means lost
business opportunities for many of us.

Sure some people will say they can get you a Paypal account with different
tricks. However, once Paypal identifies that you are from Nigeria, they
freeze your account and you lose all of your money.

Now would it not be great if you found a new online payment merchant that
allows you to join it now before its full launch as an Earlybird user and
will even pay you for it. This is the truth, the only catch is that the dollars the company will pay you are not United States dollars, but that of the company. When the website is fully launched the amount of money you make on the site will be convertible to US dollars just like you can change Naira to Dollar.

Many web analysts including myself are of the opinion that this new service called VirtaPay is likely to be the next big thing on the internet in terms of online payment merchants. Hence, I am giving you a link. It does not involve making any payments, so it is not too dangerous to try it out!


N.B: It is totally free and you do not have to pay anybody to enjoy this service.

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