Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Samson Siasia to Coach in Indian Premier League Soccer (PLS)

Former Super Eagles Coach Samson Siasia has confirmed that he will be coaching in the Indian Football Association's newly launched Premier League Soccer (PLS). He made a formal announcement on his Facebook wall about an hour ago stating:

'I want to wish you all a happy new year (tho belated). I wanted to wait for the news to officially break before publicly sharing that I will be headed to coach in the Indian Premier League. I am confident of this move & grateful to the leadership/mgmt of the club. I hope you all will continue to follow my journey, as I will surely continue to voice my strong support my brother, Coach Keshi & the team. I am ready and excited for this next phase as football is my life and what I know. I remain SiaOne.

Samson Siasia is the new coach of the Indian club Durgapur and will earn 210,000 dollars (N33.9m). Austin Jay Jay Okocha has also been signed as a player by the club and will earn 550, 000 dollars (about N88.8m).

The Indian Football Association (IFA) rules for the PLS allows each franchise (club) to sign 4 foreign players and borrows the players' auction format from the highly popular Indian Premier League (Cricket).

The PLS will start in March 2012.

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