Friday, June 22, 2012

Making Money from Your Hobby

By Chris Daniello
In today’s world more and more people are realizing that they cannot achieve financial freedom by working full time for another person. Hence, there is a need for them to start their own business. Knowing is one thing, doing is another. Many people know that starting a business is good for them but very few actually take steps to start one.

Most people are discouraged by the challenges that are involved in starting a business. Hence, they shy away from it. However, this needn’t be the case because everyone has a hobby or interest that can actually fetch them money and that they can easily turn into money.

For example, you love football very much and you have arguments with your friends over your favourite teams and players. You could use that passion for the game as a platform for earning additional income by blogging about it or becoming a TV/Radio Analyst.

You could even establish a youth football club, coach and encourage the kids, manage them properly and by entering into competitions, you could earn prize money, get sponsorship for your club or even earn revenue when scouts from big teams that make good offers for your young talents. You could even become a FIFA licensed agent by dedicating time and effort to football which you love so much.

The same logic applies to any other hobby you can think of, all you need to do is to use it as an instrument to add value to the society and you can be sure to make money from it. The opportunities are almost endless; you just need to look within yourself to find them.

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