Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Having a cheerful disposition at work

Have a big smile at work!
Many people go to work without a smile, they have a lot reasons to give for this, ‘my boss is such a grouch’ he treats me like dirt.’ Here is another one, ‘I work so hard and earn so little.’ These sorts of problems are common in the work place, but the question is: does frowning and being grumpy solve the problem or help your situation? The answer is no.

So if being angry does not solve the problem, why persist with this negative attitude towards life. Crack jokes about your little pay, and if this does not do much, it will at least reduce your blood pressure. Another thing to note is that your boss is there to ensure that you and the entire organization achieve results.

If you smile and have a positive attitude, your productivity will increase and if your productivity increases, your employer is likely to give you a promotion and if you get a promotion, your pay cheque will bear a larger figure and that will ensure that you have a bigger smile. All of that started with a simple smile, so you see the importance of being cheerful even if conditions aren’t as close to ideal as you would want (I have never met a person who believes that his job is perfect and cannot get better). So you see that, being cheerful at work does not make you silly neither does it make you less of a realist, it just means that you have chosen to see the glass of life as half-full rather than half-empty.

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