Monday, July 30, 2012

6 Kinds of People You Need To Properly Manage If You Want To Be Successful

There are already a lot of write-ups about people you should build strong relationships with if you want to be successful. You know; role models, mentors, motivators, financiers etc. However, there isn’t as much literature about people you should either stay away from (if you can achieve it) or people you have to properly manage if you want to be successful.

Here is my list of such people:

1. Haters:

The simple definition for this group of people is that they do not wish you well and would rather see you fail than succeed. The reason(s) they feel this way about you is not really important because it is practically impossible for you not to have such people in your life. Hence, there is little or no need for you to try to please them.

What you have to do instead is to find out whatever they plan against you and be actively a step ahead of them to ensure that you can counter their every move. It is like a game of chess here and you have to be a grandmaster to rise beyond the machinations of your haters also known as enemies.

Gather intelligence about their activities and react appropriately to the challenges they raise but never concentrate most of your time, energy and resources into battling them, consider them as hurdles in your path, scale over them and maintain your fast sprint to success.

2. The Confused:
These are people that don’t really know what they want and cannot be relied on for anything if you want to be successful. You must understand them but never seek their advice or validation for anything. They will only what? You guessed it- confuse you.

3. The Incompetent:
These people are just not capable of doing the job, so whether it is in terms of seeking advice or getting help in whatever form you require, they are not the ones to go to. You must also be weary of the “arrogantly incompetent”. They don’t know what they are doing but will claim to know best. Look away from their superficiality and identify with key performance indicators, whether or not they are the “masters” they claim to be.

4. Procastinators:
This set of people just love pushing forward deadlines, their favourite quote has to be “tomorrow never dies” or “there is always tomorrow”. This negative trait is often tolerated by most of us but can actually be the most destructive in terms of preventing us from achieving success. Your motto should be: “Never delay what you can do immediately.”

5. The Lazy:
This set of people just hate work and you cannot succeed without working. Whether it is hard work or smart work, work is still work. Therefore, it is imperative that you focus on doing the work that is required to be successful and stay away from lazy people that would like you to be the same with them.

6. Criminals:
This ought to be a no-brainer but with the high number of people who run fowl of the law in their bid to become successful, it is important to restate what you have heard several times I am sure, “crime doesn’t pay”. Let me modify that and say: crime doesn’t pay long term. To be truly successful, you have to make-it long term. So, no matter how strong the temptation you feel to go into crime for immediate “success” is, stay away from it to be truly successful. Criminals are definitely not people you should associate with; avoid them by all means at your disposal because they will almost certainly come to you, it isn’t everybody you know that will be upright in the eyes of the law.

Thank you for reading this.

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