Saturday, October 20, 2012

How Can Nairaland or any other Nigerian Website Supplant the Big 4 in Nigeria?

At the moment, Nairaland is the highest ranked Nigerian-owned website used by people in Nigeria in other words the "Nigerian Webspace". A look at Alexa's current ranking today shows the top 10 websites in Nigeria as:











Source: Alexa

My question is how can Nairaland or any other Nigerian website supplant the Big 4?

The Big 4 are:

1. Google: With,, and we see that within the top 10 in Nigeria alone Google has 4 websites. It will take some beating.

2. Facebook: Facebook is the No.1 website in Nigeria with estimated 6,685,280 users in Nigeria (Source: Social Bakers}

3. Yahoo: was the "first love" of many Nigerian internet users and still has a strong user base in Nigeria for its mail service.

4. Twitter: was first touted as the "SMS of the internet" by some industry experts. Of course, it has evolved into something much bigger than that and has a huge potential to grow exponentially to challenge Facebook as the No.1 Social Networking Media. If you are in doubt, just look at the on-going Tonto Dike saga.

In case you are wondering which is the next highest ranked Nigerian-owned website in Nigeria after Nairaland,  it's Vanguard News ranked 12th in Nigeria at the moment. It is when Nigerian websites successfully dominate the Nigerian webspace that we can start expecting global dominance from them.

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  1. Honestly speaking, I think its gonna be hard for any Nigeria website to break into the top 4. But I foresee Nairaland getting there someday that is if the unexpected happens to google and facebook


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