Friday, December 7, 2012

How to Say "Google" in Other Languages

"To Google" something is  "( often lowercase ) to search the Internet for information about (a person, topic, etc.)" according to . This begs the question: what is the verb "google" in other languages? Well, The Atlantic Wire has made the effort to try and get us the answer. Next is the list of answers they have so far:

An Incomplete Pronunciation of "To Google" in 22 Languages:
English — google

Spanish — googlear and guglear

Italian — googlare

Portuguese — googlar or guglar

German — googeln and googlen

French — googler

Swedish — att googla

Hebrew — l'gagel

Slovenian — proguglati or poguglati

Croatian — guglati or proguglati

Polish — googlować

Russian —  гуглить (gugleet or googleet)

Japanese — ググる (guguru)

Fillipino — eēgoogle mò (i-google mo)

Finnish — googlata

Dutch — googlen

Czech — vygooglit

Korean — google ha da

Romanian — a googăli

Chinese — 谷歌 (guge or gǔgē)

Greek —  γκουγκλίζω (googlizo)

Icelandic — að gúgla (ao googlah)

There you have it, you can help them with even more languages here.

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