Monday, December 31, 2012

Wim Hof Doesn't Feel Cold Anywhere!

This story is almost unbelievable but it is true! Dutchman, Wim Hof can withstand the greatest cold you can imagine simply by meditating to keep is body warm. He is called 'Iceman' because of this amazing ability. Read more below:

Dutchman uses ‘mind over matter’ to endure freezing temperatures

The Dutchman is an eight-times world record holder for his ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures.
The 52-year-old completed a half-marathon in Finland two years ago in -20C (-4F) temperatures while wearing nothing but shorts.

The daredevil also spent 73 minutes and 48 seconds immersed in an ice bath in 2008.

His friend, photographer Henny Boogert, has compiled a record of Mr Hof’s feats after meeting him in Amsterdam more than 25 years ago doing naked yoga in the snow.

Henny said Wim was a regular in the parks of Amsterdam in the middle of the winter often sitting in freezing lakes reading a book.

The pair have travelled to polar ice caps, vast glaciers and a giant freezer where they played chess.

‘Wim has trained his body from an early age and he is a strong believer in mind over matter,’ Mr Boogert added.

Source: Metro News


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