Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rogue Dismissed Police Officer Declares "War" on LAPD

This story is gripping America at the moment...

Christopher Jordan Dorner Manhunt: "WE ARE AT WAR"

The word coming out of the Los Angeles Police Department this morning is meant to apply to that storied agency but it can be piggybacked onto all of Southern California.


Our foe is only one man: camo-wearing, heavily armed, heavily trained, highly agitated, county-hopping, ex-cop, triple-murder suspect Christopher Jordan Dorner.

The manhunt for the man now suspected of carrying out a revenge killing of two in Irvine Sunday night and the overnight shooting of three police officers, including one who died, in Riverside County, has not only clogged Southern California airwaves but impacted morning commutes as police close streets and portions of I-15.

With police agencies in four counties on high alert, and the FBI and U.S. Marshals enlisted to help in the search, we're also dealing with the fog of war, as there were conflicting reports this morning whether two separate officer-involved shootings that were blocks apart in the South Bay this morning are connected to the Dorner case.

Television news reports at this hour show officers in Riverside County with guns drawn because Dorner released a manifesto where he wrote of attacking crime scenes (he initiated) and command posts, and of wiping out officers, administrators and their families.

The LAPD chief has scheduled a press conference within minutes to update the media. Until then, here is the timeline of events as we know them:

- The engaged couple, Monica Quan, 28, and Keith Lawrence, 27, were found gunned down in his Kia parked in an Irvine condominium complex parking structure.

Source: OC Weekly

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