Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Couple claiming to be parents of twins do not have matching DNA

This does not look good for the people involved...

US-based couple fail DNA test for twins at Embassy

The Special Fraud Unit, Milverton, Ikoyi, Lagos State is presently quizzing a couple on all they know about a five-month-old set of twin, believed to have been stolen from their biological parents.

The couple, Adenuga Soyibo and Elizabeth Soyibo, were viewed with suspicion when they went with the twin to the United States of America’s

A DNA test, ordered by the American consulate office, had since shown that the duo were not the real parents of the twin.

But the couple insisted that they were their parents, claiming that the difference in their genetic makeup, with that of the twin, was probably due to the fact that they took local herb before the conception of the babies.

It was gathered that on April 15, 2013, the American Consulate reported that the couple had earlier applied for American visa and that it was discovered that their application raised suspicion.

Checking out the application, the consulate felt that the twins, the couple claimed to be their babies may have been stolen.

Based on this, the Consulate ordered a DNA test to ascertain the biological relationship of the babies with the two suspects.

The Consulate invited them when it received the result of the DNA, which revealed that the babies does not belong to the couple as both lacked the genetic marks.

The SFU spokesperson, Ngozi Isintume-Agu, said that during investigation, detectives travelled to Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, where the woman claimed to have given birth to the twin in a private house.

Isintume-Agu said, “On getting to Port-Harcourt, the woman claimed she could no longer identify or locate the place. She also stated that she had no antenatal record anywhere as she did not attend any.

“She stated further that the total sum of N1.8 million was paid to the woman who administered local herbs on her that eventually produced the babies.”

Adenuga Soyibo, who claimed to be father of the twins, stated that he was also given the same local herbs, which boosted his sperm count and led to his being able to produce enough sperm that produced the babies.

Source: Daily Post
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