Monday, May 6, 2013

House of Representatives Members Support Tambuwal for 2015 Presidential Bid

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Aminu Tambuwal

REPS NEWS: Reps throw weight behind Tambuwal’s 2015 Presidential bid

The House of Representatives, ahead of 2015 has thrown its weight in full support of the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, who has been rumored to be the north’s favourite candidate for the presidency.
The decision by the lower chamber to support the speaker’s presidential bid stems from its position which passes a vote of confidence on him as a credible candidate with the required potential and character needed to stir the affairs of the nation.
The Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Hon. Victor Ogene, disclosed this while speaking to newsmen. He noted that Tambuwal had proved to be a transparent and dynamic leader as Speaker of the House in the last two years making him eligible to aspire for higher political office.
He said apart from his exemplary leadership style as Speaker, Tambuwal has other numerous credentials that qualify him to vie for the presidency.
Ogene said: “As it stands today, Tambuwal has displayed good leadership in the House of Reps; it is only left for Nigerians to determine who will lead them in 2015. Though he has not told us about this, but leadership is done by the people.”
Ogene could not however say under which political party the speaker would seek to contest but insisted that he has every right to vie for the presidency should he decide to do so.
According to him, “Tambuwal is not a PDP Speaker, he is the Speaker of the House of Reps. He can relate with any party in the best interest of Nigerians.”
On the lingering disagreement between the House and the Presidency over Ms. Arunma Oteh’s continued stay as Director General of the Security and Exchange Commission, SEC, the lawmaker said, “The House has not shifted ground on Oteh. Whatever happens now in SEC that is contrary to position of the House is in breach of the law.
“At the appropriate time, whenever it is discovered that funds are still made available to SEC, we shall take action. The Appropriation Act cannot be breached; it is one of the most important Acts in any democracy. Action will be taken against whoever person is found responsible.”
Source: LegisReports

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