Sunday, June 23, 2013

What I did when I got scalded with hot water

So, I accidentally scalded my left arm with very hot water; hot enough to make eba (a Nigerian meal) and this is what I did:

1. Dipped the arm in cool water almost immediately.

2. Applied honey on the affected area.

There are no scars and you would not know if I didn't tell you just by looking at it.

It also helps that my skin is relatively well-conditioned to hot water because I frequently take hot baths with water that pricks like a needle when it touches my skin.

My left arm feels a little bit stiff but it should be just fine.

Thank God for that.


  1. You'll be just fine. Thats a perfect remedy. But when it has happen again(am prayin not to happen), apply salt first before applying d honey.
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    1. Thanks Bako, but the salt will sting because of the iodine it contains. The hand is fine now, as good as before.


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