Thursday, September 26, 2013

Men in the United Kingdom Don't like football that much

English: Indian Hockey team
English: Indian Hockey team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
And other sports too...

Information from the UK Mail via disinfo indicates that men lie about liking sports to be accepted in the society. Trust me, I am not one of em....

Nine out of ten men lie about liking sports to impress friends or to get ahead at work, it was revealed today. Football was the game that men most faked a love of, with two out of three admitting they gushed to mates about the national sport to avoid being unpopular, a survey of 500 Britons found.

Football was the most fibbed about, with 61 per cent hiding their dislike. The national game was followed by F1, cricket, gold and rugby. One in three admitted to lying because they thought it would aid their career.
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