Monday, November 25, 2013

University of Nicosia Set to Accept Bitcoin as Payment

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The whole world is going "e". As a result, we should be able to pay for stuff with virtual currencies, I think this university in Cyprus agrees...

University: Pay Us in Bitcoin

First you could buy a condo with Bitcoin and now you can pay your tuition using the digital currency, too—if you attend Cyprus' University of Nicosia, that is. The school says it's the first university to offer fees payable in the currency feds are praising, and those with Bitcoins to throw around will probably feel right at home: Starting next spring, the school will offer a master of science degree in digital currency that will dive into systems like Bitcoin and how they work, Wired reports, noting the move could pay off big for the university—depending on Bitcoin price trends, of course.

Source: Newser 

In case you are wondering what Bitcoin is, click here to learn more.

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