Monday, January 13, 2014

6 Steps for Addressing Problematic Employees

Are you having trouble coping with the attitude of some of your employees or subordinates (if you are manager)? I have a 6-step process that should help you manage them better starting with you expressing your reservations or grievances against them.

You should not wait till this happens in your organisation before taking action

1. Inform the "offending" party that they are offending you and tell them why you want them to stop.

2. Wait for their response and analyse it on its merits.

3. If you are not satisfied, restate your reservations and your expectation that the other party will make the required adjustments within a reasonable time frame.

4. If they do not change, inform relevant stakeholders for them to intervene.

5. If their intervention does not bring the required results, relieve the offending employee or subordinates of their duties with courtesy and according to the law.

6. Learn from the experience and replace them with competent and qualified people.
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