Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Teenager Arrested in Chile for Selling Her Baby on Facebook

Oh dear!

Teenager Arrested for Selling her Baby on Facebook

Verónica Carrera Chaparro discovered that she was two months pregnant in February 2013. Her mother, 42, and sister, 24, told her that her options were to “sell it, get an abortion, or give it up for adoption,” according to police chief Miguel Ampuerto.

The teen in question decided to sell her unborn daughter on Facebook after the father ended their relationship upon finding out that she was pregnant, according to Cuatro.

A couple from Puente Alto, who have also been detained, paid for the child and all hospital expenses before the baby was born, amounting to one million pesos (about $1,900 USD, or 1,400 Euros), according to Cooperativa. Another woman from Concepción was also interested in buying the baby but ultimately decided against it.

The baby was born on Nov. 4 at the Hospital del Profesor de la Comuna de la Estación Central  and was registered with the last name of the couple buying it only one day after birth, according to Cooperativa.

Chaparro, along with her mother and sister, appeared in court in Santiago on Sunday, and the buyers have been detained and will also appear in court, according to ibnlive.

This unique case will be a complex one for Judge Ernesto Silva, because it is not a crime in Chile to orchestrate delivery of a newborn over the Internet, even if financial compensation is offered.

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