Friday, February 7, 2014

Advice for the blogger that cannot write

There are fewer things that are more satisfying than having a very successful blog; your own pad on the Internet where you can rant, share ideas and sometimes pontificate on virtually anything you want and hopefully make a tonne of money whilst you are at it.

However, there is a problem with this beautiful story for many would-be bloggers; they cannot write.

So, should you give-up on your dream of being a successful blogger?

The answer is 'no'. I have a few easy tips that will help you overcome this problem.

You have to understand first that writing is an acquired skill. Hence, you have to learn it. A great way to do this is to read books and joining online writing groups where you can slowly but surely improve your writing.

Whilst you are learning to be a good writer, you can still make your blog very interesting and engaging.

Start with creating content that is not heavily dependent on writing, such as images. Can you draw or paint? Share your work on your blog, let your friends tell you what they think on your blog by sharing it with them.

Another great way of creating content is to take cool photographs and share them on your blog. People love nice pictures of beautiful scenery, iconic buildings, places or even your pets.

Related to this is making videos. Whilst it is true that YouTube is the best place for sharing videos, you should still share or post your videos on your blog. Tell people about the video, why you made it or are sharing it.

There are still other great ways to create content for your blog such as aggregating interesting content from all over the Internet but ensure that you link back and credit your sources. The last 2 ideas I will share with you are allowing guest bloggers share content on your blog or you get professional writers to write articles for you on the topics you want.

Writing is a skill that requires continuous practice. Hence, you need to start writing to improve and ultimately overcome this inhibition to your blogging success.

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