Monday, May 5, 2014

Chat for Free Without Internet Connection by Using FireChat

So, you are out of money for Internet subscription but you still want to connect with your friends? You are probably thinking of how to "hustle" the money for subscription out of anybody that might be susceptible to your gimmicks until you read this post that tells you about this great new app that allows you to chat for free even if there is no connection from your network. This amazing app is called FireChat and was created by a company called Open Garden.

The app works by connecting your smart device to other smart devices like phones, tablets via bluetooth or WiFi within 30 feet from you provided the app is also installed on them. Other phone users can then connect to both your devices and form a cluster which improves social interaction as it grows.

FireChat also works with Internet connection where available and you can form groups, share photos and so on, just like other chat applications like WhatsApp and BBM. However, FireChat is only currently available on Android and iOS.

Click here to download FireChat.
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  1. FireChat sounds like a very Good concept. Don't be surprised if more popular messaging apps follow suit and copy the feature that allows messages to be sent without a network connection.

  2. Hello Ricardo, I agree with you that the more established chat apps would probably copy this technology. It really does promise to change the way we communicate.


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