Thursday, July 3, 2014

Obama Congratulates American Team After World Cup Exit

#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave Meme went viral after United States defeat to Belgium on Tuesday

Was Tim Howard that good against Belgium? I admit I was half-dozing throughout the game but I would rather blame Belgium for poor finishing rather than Tim Howard for shutting them out in normal time!

World Cup 2014: President Barack Obama calls United States stars Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard to congratulate side, and tells goalkeeper to 'shave off your beard'

How will Tim Howard avoid being mobbed by the adoring public upon his return to the United States after a starring World Cup performance led to him becoming the latest cult figure of the World Cup? “Shave your beard,” according to President Barack Obama.

The President of the United States called goalkeeper Howard and team captain Clint Dempsey to congratulate them on their efforts in Brazil, just a day after their extra-time defeat in the second round that saw Belgium clinch a 2-1 victory in Salvador.

In a video released by the White House, Obama said: “Clint, Tim. Man I just wanted to call to say you did us proud. You guys did great. There’s someone here who’s first sport was soccer although I was never that good.

“To see the way you guys captured the hearts and imaginations of the whole country is unbelievable and obviously the way the sport has been growing steadily because kids have been playing it at a young age, but this is the first time you have had an entire country focused.

“You guys did us all proud not just by how hard you played and how well you did; you guys just carried yourselves with a lot of class. It makes people really respect the sport and you guys are really great models for a lot of sportsman here in the states.

“I know it is disappointing but what you guys accomplished is really, really significant and it will make a difference to the country so congratulate coach. I know maybe you have got another couple of guys there.”

Source: Independent

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