Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thiago Silva Says Zuniga is a Coward

Zuniga knees Neymar in the back thereby ruling him out of Brazil 2014

You cannot blame him for his sentiments, Zuniga's tackle means Brazil's most dangerous player, Neymar will miss today's semifinal between Brazil and Germany...

Thaigo: Zuniga is a coward

Brazil skipper Thiago Silva has expressed his anger at Colombia defender Juan Zuniga's tackle which left Neymar with a fractured vertebra.

FIFA ruled on Monday they would not be taking any further action against Zuniga for the challenge, a decision which has left many of the Samba Kings players angered.

"In my opinion it was a cowardly tackle," Thiago said at a press conference.

"I am a defender, I know how to mark a player and there is no way you can get the ball by putting a knee in the back.

"It is not something that comes about in a normal match situation."

Thiago will miss his side's semi-final against Germany on Tuesday due to a one-match ban picked up for an accumulation of yellow cards, the second of which came against Colombia when he impeded goalkeeper David Ospina while he was making a clearance.

"In no moment did I intend to take the ball from the goalkeeper. I was trying so hard not to commit any fouls, the only foul I remember was the yellow card and it is very difficult to miss the game," the Paris St-Germain player said of the incident.

"But I really trust the players on the pitch. No matter the 11 players we will be well represented."

Source: Sport 24

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