Thursday, August 21, 2014

Job Vacancies in a Top Telecoms Infrastructure Company

Vacancies exist for below positions in a top Telecoms infrastructure
company based in VI,  Lagos. Pls send CVs of ONLY suitable candidates
to &

1. Accounts Receivables Manager
2. Accounts payable Manager
3. Fixed Assets Manager/Senior officer/Officer
4. Inventory Manager/Senior Officer/Officer
5. Regional Finance Manager/Officers
6. Documentation & Logistics Officers
7. Collections
8. Financial Analyst
9. Regulatory Officer
10. Benefits Officer
11. Bank reconciliation Officer
12. IT supports
13. Senior procurement Managers
14. Vendor Development & Performance Manager
15. Fleet Coordinators
16. Procurement specialists
17. Senior legal Counsels
18. Legal Counsels
19. Legal Officers
20. Compensation & Benefits Manager/Officer
21. Regional HR Officers
22. Regional HSE Officers
I wish you the best as you apply.


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