Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thomas Vermaelen Hopes to Settle-Down Quickly at Barcelona

Thomas Vermaelen
Source: +FC Barcelona 

I think he will...

The Belgium gave his first interview to and Barça TV and explained he wants to: "settle in at the Club and in the city as quickly as possible"

Barça's latest summer signing, Thomas Vermaelen gave his first interview since joining to and Barça TV and insisted: “I need to find my way around, learn the language and get to know the coach and the rest of the players – I’m hoping to settle in quickly. I need to get to know the city better too, I’ve heard a lot of people speaking well of it and I’m very keen to discover it”

Vermaelen was full of praise for the man he’s been brought in to replace, ex -captain Carles Puyol: “he has been an incredible player for Barça. He’s a legend at this club. He was always full of passion. I’ll be trying to do my best too”.  On a lighter note, the Belgium laughed as he confessed he was sometimes mistaken for actor Jude Law:  “a lot of people say we look alike”.

Source: FC Barcelona

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