Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lessons Marketers Should Learn from the 'Share a Coca Cola With...' Campaign

Share a Coca Cola With...

I have interest in marketing and almost always do some level of evaluation of adverts and marketing campaigns I come across.

There's a 'Share a Coca Cola With...' campaign currently going on in Nigeria. You have people’s names on Coca Cola bottles and cans which is a great strategy by the brand to appeal to our individuality. As you might have noticed, we all like to be made to feel special and a notch above the crowd. You can actually design your own can of Coke by visiting

So, when you have your name on a can or bottle of the world's most popular soft drink, there's a special feeling and affinity for the product and the brand that develops.

There's also the subliminal message for you to "share a Coca Cola", encouraging you to not only consume the product but also share it with others. Of course, this translates to more sales.

Marketers should take note of these points and adopt or adapt the strategy for their brands.

The lessons to take away from this campaign as a marketer are:

 1. Create a marketing campaign that appeals to the individuality of people because it makes them feel good and they would want to buy and use your product.

 2. Actively encourage consumers to share your product because this will increase your sales and should improve profits as well.

 3. Measure the results of the campaign and modify for better results in the future.

 Marketing is about delivering value to people and Coca Cola's 'Share a Coca Cola With...' campaign does this effectively. You can replicate the same for your brand as well.

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