Monday, February 2, 2015

MTN Data Bundles in 2015

MTN has clearly identified data as a key service it wants to market to its customers in 2015 and you can use its service if you find it suitable for you. These are the Internet data plans listed for you:

Data Bundles

Dial *104# for 10MB for 24Hrs at N100

Dial *112# for 25MB for 24Hrs at N150

Dial *113# for 50MB for 24Hrs at N200

Dial *103# for 150MB for 7 Days at N500

Dial *106# for 260MB for 30 Days at N1000

Dial *109# for 325MB for 30 Days at N1300

Dial *110# for 750MB for 30 Days at N2000

Dial *111# for 1500MB for 30 Days at N3500

Dial *102# for 4500MB for 30 Nights at N2500

Dial *129# for 4500MB for 30 Days at N6500

Dial *101# for 7500MB for 30 Nights at N8000

Dial *120# for 4500MB (1.5GB day 6.01am-8.59pm and 3GB night 9pm-6am) for 30 Days at N2500

There are three (3) types of BetterMe Offers that are available, namely:

Daily Package Offer which consists of 20 National mins + 15MB + 35 National SMS @ N250 only.

Monthly Package Offer which consists of 100 National mins + 100 National SMS + 300MB@ N2,015only.

Monthly Data Bundle Offer which consists of 2015MB@ N2,015 only.

For customers to subscribe to any of the Special Offers they’ll simply dial *123*4# and then select the preferred bundle offer that you want to buy.

Hope you find this helpful.

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