Monday, June 29, 2015


Enrollees at one of JARUSHUB training sessions

Unemployment is a such a huge problem in Nigeria that a large proportion of people who claim to be 'employed' cannot be said to be gainfully employed.

One Nigerian startup that has been doing a lot to stem the tide of this negative trend in recent times is JARUSHUB . The outfit has Suraj Oyewale popularly known as 'Jarus' in social media circles as head coach. He brings-in his brilliant insights of Corporate Nigeria into coaching fresh graduates and young professionals on how to get high paying and attractive jobs in Oil and Gas, Consulting, Banking and other sectors of Nigeria's economy.

Taking this further, JARUSHUB has launched a career academy where graduates and professionals looking for career advancement will be put through what is described as a "5-week course where employability and career improvement lessons are taught. "

The course has 2 variants:

1. JCA GRADUATE CLASS (JCA GC): This is for students, corps members and fresh graduates who are still unemployed or underemployed. This class is essentially focusing on EMPLOYABILITY.

2. JCA PROFESSIONAL CLASS (JCA PC): This is for people that are already working but wish to improve their careers. Essentially, the goal here is CAREER ADVANCEMENT.

Knowing Jarus and his track record of providing great value at his coaching sessions some of which I have attended, the JCA is definitely a course I recommend to graduates and professionals that want to take huge leaps forward in securing great jobs and enjoying career advancement.

You can learn more about these courses by clicking here.

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