Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Most Popular Bus Stops n Lagos: Mushin

Mushin Bus Stop

What can I say about Mushin Olosha?  It's difficult to say whether Mushin is popular or notorious but either way, it is a major part of Lagos.

I cannot say exactly how or why Mushin became popular but it is a major bus stop on Agege Motor Road,  close to Oshodi,  shares boundaries with Surulere and Yaba and is a popular market with different smaller markets,  like Ojuwoye and Amun.

Mushin is also a gateway to the heavily populated Alimosho area of Lagos via Isolo into Iyana Ejigbo and Ikotun. Therefore, it is a hub for many people from these locations moving towards the Island. There are also buses that will link you to places like CMS, Eko-Idumota, Yaba,  Ojuelegba,  Oshodi and many other important parts of Lagos.

Mushin suffers from dilapidated infrastructure,  overpopulation and poor hygiene. There's also a high level of criminality particularly in the form of thuggery which is difficult to curb because of the poverty of many of its residents.

Mushin is not all bad as you can buy lots of foodstuff there with entire streets dedicated to particular types of food. For example,  the Elelubo market which is more or less the capital of yam flour (Elubo) processing in Lagos. There's also the kulikuli (groundnut cookies) market a lot of pharmacies dispensing drugs because of its proximity to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Mushin is always vibrant even through the night but only the brave would be around there beyond 11 pm unless of course you live there.

A first time visitor might be intimidated by the rowdy nature of Mushin which is not helped by the crumbling infrastructure. Therefore if you want to visit, you might need an experienced person to guide you through the area.

Mushin bus stop is not to be confused with the entire Mushin Local Government which has many relatively safe locations like Ilupeju, Palm Avenue into some parts of Ilasa.

For the bold who want to experience the rugged nature of Lagos, Mushin bus stop is somewhere to visit to feel the pulse of the city and get your adrenaline pumping.

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