Sunday, July 26, 2015

Addressing 5 Popular Myths About Nigerians

A nice piece from my friends at Jovago...

There are some bitter sweet stories about Nigerians; some so cruel several have vowed never to set feet in Nigeria or stay miles away from any Nigerian they sight.It is not right to judge a nation by a little fraction of people, just like a line from Asa’s Jailer – “Let’s hear he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.” We are all humans, regardless of boundaries; just like we have some bad people so do we have very good people everywhere around the world, with this said, let’s set some things right.

1.      1.  Nigerians are not hostile but HOSPITABLE  
Nigerians are one of the friendliest and jovial people on the face of the earth, you shake things up. We love entertaining guests, it’s one the things we are best at.We are reputed to have one of the best Owanbes (parties) with good music/dance and when it comes to receiving foreigners, we do it wholeheartedly.

1.       2. Nigerians are not fraudulent but OPENYes we have people who work hard to make their money legally with no short cuts, so when you see a wealthy Nigerian, never jump into the conclusion he/she is fraudulent without any facts to prove so. Not every Nigerian approaching you for a business deal is looking to swindle you of your money.

1.       3. Nigerians are not violent but PROTECTIVE
Nigerians do not roam about the streets with a gun or cutlass, relax, we protect people we find in trouble regardless of whether we know them or not, we are compassionate. Regardless of where we find ourselves, within or outside, we stick together as one.

1.      4. Nigerians are not opportunists but HARDWORKING
Nigerians work, we have farmers, welders, carpenters, lawyers and doctors who go about their businesses daily to provide for their personal and family needs, we are not usually scouring the internet, looking for the next available person to exploit.

1.       5. Nigerians are not copycats but CREATIVE
We think day and night trying to come up with new ideas and products that will benefit the world, some of our talented ones have made it to Forbes Magazine, CNN and many more reputable internationalmedia organisations, we are highly talented!

If you are one of such persons that believethese myths, there is a great deal you are missing, contrary to the bitter stories you have heard, Nigerians are great people and Nigeria is a beautiful place to be!
If you have a contrary opinion about Nigerians, then share your thoughts!

This is a straight from the heart write up put together by Hellen for

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