Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Snacks to Pack for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips can be exciting and adventurous, one exciting part of a road trip are the nibbles you get to munch along the journey while enjoying the view of the dancing trees, scenic views, skies and sun along an expressway like Benin - Ore road.

But sometimes an exciting trip can end up being a disaster because of a few hiccups you may encounter during the trip – like constipation. To avoid stopping every quarter of the road in search of a convenience to use, the best option is usually to stick with light meals that will not get you easily constipated. For this reason, the best kind of edibles to stick with will be discussed.
Most people often confuse snacks with junkies. There are healthy snacks that do not harm the body and play as much role as a regular meal, just that it may be less filling. Below are some snacks you should consider.

·         Scotch egg
·         Meat Pie
·         Chin Chin
·         Puff Puff
·         Donuts
·         Buns
·         Fish rolls
·         Egg rolls
·         Popcorn
·         Cookies
·         Chips –Plantain, Potatoes or yam.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits are nutritious – not to sound like a cliché. They also help you feel more comfortable and less stressed maybe because of the specific nutrients they provide or the steady, reliable source of energy they give you. Fruits you should go for are:

·         Grape seed
·         Berries
·         Apples
·         Bananas
·         Carrots

You need to keep yourself hydrated, and there is a high chance you will need a drink to control your body temperature and cool off. Sticking with natural fruit drinks is the best option, taking something too sweetened may make your stomach ache. You should go for drinks like:

·         Lemonade
·         Natural Fruit Juice – no additives or colorant.
·         Water

Also note that there may be snacks, fruits or drinks listed here you have tried and got you constipated, it is best to stay away from them.
What type of Chow or Drinks do you prefer to have on Road Trips? Do share with me; I will love to hear them!


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