Sunday, September 6, 2015

Most Popular Bus Stops in Lagos: Idumota

There are 3 bridges linking the Island to the Mainland in Lagos: Eko bridge, 3rd Mainland bridge and Carter bridge.

Of the three, Carter bridge is the oldest and at a point was the only bridge linking the Island to the Mainland. At the Lagos Island end of Carter bridge is Idumota bus stop. It extends, right from the bridge all along Nnamdi Azikwe into the old bus terminus just before the iconic Lagos Central Mosque.

Idumota is as popular as a market as it is as a bus stop. Clothes, electronics, latest Nollywood movies, consumables, car spare parts and accessories. Practically any consumer goods you can think-of can be found there.

It has not lost its hustle and bustle like Oshodi has but this is not an advantage for those seeking to commute through this bus stop as the traffic jam you are likely to experience could be frustrating. The bus stop is primarily used by traders patronising Idumota, Balogun, Tinubu and other markets. If you're not a trader or visiting adjoining areas, you might want to skip Idumota altogether.

Due to the fact that Idumota is a very old bus stop and market patronised by people from far and near, buses to practically every part of Lagos load there and across the other end of Carter bridge at Iddo where you have a huge train terminus, many interstate buses to other parts of Nigeria load there as well.

Crime does exist in Idumota largely in the form pickpockets, robbers and muggers. You should not be careless with money or valuables and avoid narrow paths and alleyways.

In short, Idumota is not for the faint-hearted. It is one of the major places that newbies in Lagos should avoid if they can. Otherwise, their welcome to Lagos might not be so enjoyable.

However, in economic terms, Idumota provides a means of livelihood for over a million people. Hence, it cannot be overlooked, the government should do more to make the place more orderly and provide improved infrastructure. That way, it can be a legitimate tourist attraction that it really should be.

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