Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hacking of Lagos State Website Shows Vulnerability of Government Websites

The recent hacking of the Lagos State Government website by an obscure group seemingly in support of the Shiite group led by Sheikh Zakzaky in Zaria has shown the vulnerability of many websites operated by different governmental agencies.

The tech world in terms of structure is the opposite of the bureaucratic set-up of the public service and all-too-often, government-owned websites are subpar in terms of development.

Therefore, it is important for the federal and state governments in Nigeria to employ more IT experts and encourage them to work creatively.

This will help to reduce the chances of a repeat of such an attack. However, such attacks may be impossible to prevent 100% because hackers are usually more skilled than those trying to block them. However, the more experts you have on your side the better for you.

This is a national security issue and should be treated with all seriousness to prevent any abuse of the information of Nigerians on many government websites.


  1. Very knowledgeable and tech sparkling update you uplifted here for the numerous readers specially for the tech fanatics, government tech scholars and also for the hackers as they are most interested in hacking. Indeed hacking has become a major concern in the IT zone and passion to the young tech genius generation. Hacking of Lagos state website definitely proved that how weak the govt. it experts are. I think it's wise to hire a hacker or as many as possible in IT section as they seem more skilled. They also will be able to use their tech genius through legit way and will be useful for the country.

  2. Interesting update and definitely a great job. I am not sure how this could be happened. Perhaps Logos govt. has a lack of skilled and professional technical staffs. Also it's true now with the intense development of modern IT and coding era, hacking has been a passion for many young tech genius whether it is ethical or non-ethical issue. Not appreciation but have to admit the hackers were really strong and skilled. So, I think all the states of the world should develop skilled IT specialists or even in some case should take the help of hacker for hire service available in the country. Anyway, I appreciate your important update as I experienced a new learning issue.

  3. If you want to hire a hackerto hack into a cell phone, there are a few things you need to know. The first thing is that you will need to find a hacker who is qualified and licensed. You will also need to pay them in advance, and make sure they have the equipment they need to do the job. Finally, make sure you have a secure location for them to work from.


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